Eureko Sigorta insured the construction of Üsküdar - Çekmeköy Metro.

In Turkey, one of the top three companies in the engineering insurance branch Eureko Sigorta Üsküdar - insured the construction of the metro line will be built between Cekmekoy. Marmaray Project, Kadıköy - Kartal, Otogar - Bağcılar metro lines and Boyabat Dam are among the major construction projects insured by Eureko Sigorta. Eureko Sigorta reached 2012 percent market share in the construction and assembly insurance branch with its performance in the first six months of 11,6 and ranked second in the sector.
6 premium production in construction insurance
With the rapid development of the industrial sector in recent years, construction and assembly insurances have become more important. kazanSüha Çele, Eureko Sigorta Deputy General Manager for Technical Services, said:
Or Construction insurances offer broad assurance against serious risks with both coverage and collateral structure. Looking at the sector in general, the premium production in this branch is close to 181 million. This production is close to the 21 million we do as Eureko Insurance. Our strong and long-term relationships with the leading reinsurers of the construction insurance sector as well as our experience from the projects we have been involved so far distinguish Eureko Sigorta from other companies. Gerek
Eureko Sigorta's construction insurance product assures losses and damages resulting from sudden and unexpected events that the contractor may be exposed to in the period from the pre-storage phase to the acceptance of the works undertaken in large-scale transportation and industrial constructions.
About Eureko Sigorta
The leader of bancassurance in Turkey, expert risk assessment, which is an international insurance company Eureko Sigorta is a member of the world's biggest insurer Achmea subsidiaries operating in the European countries 8 22.000 employees. Eureko Sigorta, which operates in all branches of non-life, was founded as Garanti Sigorta in 1989 and took its present name in October 2007. Eureko Sigorta offers insurance services and products that make a difference to customers through Garanti Bank branches, a nationwide network of agencies and brokers.

Source: Gercek Gundem

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