Ramadan Break in Uludag Teleferikte

The most preferred ropeway in Bursa to Bursa from Uludağ is having the most peaceful days with the Arab tourists going to their countries in the month of Ramadan.

The ropeway, which offers a magnificent view of the city and nature while climbing to Uludağ, is the scene of intense summer season especially when the Arab tourists come intensely. Sometimes there are long queues to get on the ropeway. In the normal period, the number of passengers ranging from 300 to 500 per day goes back to the 2 bin 500 with the arrival of the Arabs in the summer. However, this year, the number of tourists coming from the Middle East and the Gulf countries has decreased sharply with the summer period of Ramadan. The number of Arab tourists is expected to rise again after the holiday. The number of Arab tourists coming to Bursa in the summer, the 250 bin is found. In Bursa tour programs, the Arabs, who come to Uludağ with the cable car mainly, leave a loaded currency in the city.


Arab tourists to break the Ramadan has made itself felt in every area. Before Ramazan, the number of Arabs and other tourists coming to Uludağ by the cable car found 2 bin 300 and this number fell to 300s in Ramadan. While the number of local tourists in 10s declined sharply in Ramadan, the cable car was experiencing the most calm days, and the shopkeepers closed their summer days without a siftah.

Teleferik environmental tradesmen Hüseyin Gümüşten, especially with the arrival of the Arabs came to the point of work, said: en There are no passengers in the ropeway, the trades do not work. When the Arab tourists returned to their homeland in Ramadan, our jobs were completely reduced. Arap Hüseyin Gümüşten also stated that the 20 lira is very expensive for the citizen when they return to Uludağ. Vatandaş Telefer is not expensive for local tourists. The citizen who does not go to Uludag is having fun in the picnic areas in the city. Ulu Stating that Arab tourists during the summer months due to the cable car in front of the tail consists of Hussein Silver, "winter is coming from Istanbul, Bursa citizens already can not go because it is expensive. This affects us negatively. Our works have been reduced by half, sometimes we can close without any siftah, İşler he concluded.

The taxi driver Rafet Tunger said that they were tradesmen. Tunger said, ı We were doing business with the arrival of Arab tourists in the summer months, and their withdrawal due to Ramadan stopped them. The number of passengers on the ropeway was intense with those coming from outside. This year, the tourists were scarce, the Arabs in the month of Ramadan when they went to their country to do things. All trades are sitting. Rafet Tung is also expensive, adding that according to the conditions in Turkey where the price of the cable car which 20 750 minimum wage pounds pounds.

Source : I www.haberler.co



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