TÜVASAŞ Will Return to Taşerona

cemal yaman
cemal yaman

TÜRK-İŞ City Representative Demiryol Business Union Branch President Cemal Yaman said that TÜVASAŞ, who is a employee of 700, will return to Subcontractor factory at the end of the next 5 year.

Cemal Yaman, 1952 2 thousand 800 employees were working in 200. When the AK Party came to power, the number of employees with a thousand 700 now falls to 400 said. In the Yaman statement N 5 subcontractor is working at the factory. Unfortunately this number is increasing day by day. TÜVASAŞ is on the way to becoming a subcontractor factory. This is not good. Because at the end of the next 500 year the number of workers at the factory will fall to 1000. The number of subcontractors will reach 500s. Employees will be dragged into the working environment without a union. The factory will turn into subcontractor factory. In addition, the public in the severance pay and the workers' law debate and comments led to unrest among the employees. The factory may become inoperable in the following days. If this factory is to be kept alive, it is necessary to purchase new workers between 1000 and XNUMX. It should definitely be taken new workers Mut.

Billions of dollars are spent for a lot of investment, such as the Fast Train. However, the statement made by the Ministry to bring the train is called here. If the infrastructure is used by domestic foreign companies, employees will be non-unionized. It is also a non-union process throughout the country. In a time where there is 2,5 million unionized workers in Sakarya in Turkey, unfortunately, many of these numbers circa 700 thousand union yüzdexnumx under the dam. I have to say the correct name of the work on behalf of our short life working on behalf of Turkey and provinces. I represented the opposition, not to be betrayed to represent the truth to share with the public, '' he said.

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