Karabük University with Single Rail Systems Engineering Students in Turkey 130 More Receivables

📩 24/11/2018 21:57

Turkey only at Karabük University (KBU) located Rail Systems Engineering Department at studying 99 students, 130 students will be added this year.
Rector of Karabuk University Dr. Burhanettin Uysal, AA correspondent, no education rail systems engineering department in Turkey were opened last year and the first year students said they read preparation.
Students who complete this section of Turkey's first railway systems engineers in the State Railways, will be employed by the private sector in the areas of expertise in research and development unit and expressing Uysal, he said:
”We aimed to prepare students for a successful engineering career by meeting the needs of trained engineers with sufficient knowledge and skills about rail systems technologies of our country, and by gaining the ability to apply mathematics, science and engineering knowledge to problems in this field. Rail systems engineering is to gain the ability to identify, formulate, model, analyze and solve problems, to conduct experimental design, analyze and interpret the results when necessary. Our University in Turkey about the rail line will have a say in the world. Our biggest advantage to Karabük Iron and Steel Company (Kardemir) and we have produced many world countries, Turkey and even non-runner in this factory. "
Stating that the universities of other countries are also interested in rail systems engineering, Uysal said, “We signed a protocol with the Sudan University of Science and Technology and Khartoum University on rail system engineering, information exchange and student exchange, and we will provide training for future students. We believe that knowledge will grow as it is shared. Accordingly, Karabuk University will continue to cooperate internationally. ”
-Double-Diploma Opportunity
Turkey only in Karabük University of Railway Systems Engineering Department graduates students, mechanical engineering course as well as a few lessons than seeing both rail systems, as well as tame emphasizing can get mechanical engineering degree, he continued:
Students who will be trained for a total of 5 years with the preparatory class will take mechanical engineering courses as well as departmental courses. Students will receive basic science education in the first year after the preparatory year, basic engineering education in the second year, and specialty training in the third and fourth years, infrastructure, geology, ground mechanics, structural types statics and strength, rails, superstructure, they specialize in basic machine elements, rail vehicle mechanics-dynamics, basic production techniques, rail materials, mechanical vibrations, signaling and control systems. ”
- “We experience the privilege of being the first” -
Kaan Kadir Yüksel, a first-year student of the Rail Systems Engineering Department, emphasized that they were privileged to be the first, and said that they were extremely happy to choose Rail Systems Engineering and to be educated in this department.
"Turkey's first Rail Systems Engineer to be a privilege," said Yuksel, said he thought that I can easily find jobs when they graduate.

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