Turkey will spend the Eid holidays on roads

With a little time before Ramadan, preparations for the Eid holiday intensified. Although there is no unification, necessary measures are taken for those who want to spend their short holiday outside the city, while approximately 2 million people are expected to go on the road and 500 thousand people are expected to stay in touristic places.
While the Ramadan festivity has already started at Istanbul bus terminals, it is reported that tickets are largely sold out. It is stated that the occupancy of the bus companies has reached 100 percent due to the Bayram holiday, and it is aimed to transport 30 million passengers with 1.5 thousand trips during the holiday. It is noted that the number of people who prefer buses to go abroad during the holiday has increased, and the occupancy rate has increased to 100 percent in companies that organize bus services to neighboring countries.
Turkey Bus Federation (TOFED) Chairman Mehmet Erdogan, said that she started to increase the density in the country, ramazini it will come together in Istanbul Bus Terminal 1400 thousand due to the number of flights per day is around 2, he said. While some companies offer additional flights, it was stated that the Black Sea and Aegean region voyages are in high demand.
Additional travel in train and IDO
The TCDD also set up new trains on various main routes and regional routes for the holiday holidays, while supplementing the main line trains with additional wagons to meet the increasing passenger demand. TCDD has also set up regional trains to increase rail transport between nearby cities. In this context, regional trains will be provided in Izmir-Usak-Izmir, Basmane-Denizli, Denizli-Soke, Nazilli-Soke, Denizli-Nazilli tracks.
Istanbul Sea Buses (IDO), in addition to scheduled flights to the festival will be organized 164 expeditions. Between 17-21 August, the fastest ferry and sea buses will be applied on the international routes and the new lines will be arranged according to the density. IDO plans to organize a total of 4 thousand flights during the holiday.
Domestic tourism is on the move
It is stated that domestic tourism has gained momentum with those who are waiting for the holiday, and there is a 25 percent increase in holiday reservations compared to the previous year, although it is short. Turkey Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB) Chairman Basaran Ulusoy, said about 500 people during a feast in the tourist resort of movement to live.
Stating that the occupancy rate in the facilities is close to 100 percent, Ulusoy said that there is intense interest in Antalya, Kemer, Lara, Belek, Bodrum, Fethiye, Side, Alanya, Marmaris and Cyprus, Dubrovnik, Rome, Florence, Vienna, Budapest, He noted that there is great interest in Prague, Central Europe and Balkan tours, Greek islands Rhodes, Santorini, Mykonos and Chios.
While additional places are reserved for local tourists in many regions, it is reported that interest in cruise tours has increased by up to 155 percent.

Source : ekonomi.milliyet.com.t is



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