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Following the comments of the Minister on the privatization of the TCDD, the sector unions made statements on the issue. The explanations are given below: Türk Tren A.Ş. It is understood that a company will be established and some issues have been accepted in the transfer of personnel. Nevertheless, unknowns and possible grievances will arouse much reaction.
Can Cankesen Chairman of the Transport Officer, Transport Memur-Sen recently announced the latest innovations hurhaber.com'a. Cankesen, members of the trade unions in the field of transportation did not victimize, said that all the problems closely.
Cankesen pointed out the new restructuring in the railways and said, es Railways are being restructured in our country. In the next century, a law to be marked by our country's railways will be enacted in the Council of Ministers in the near future. With this law, if you say what will happen in the field of railways in our country; With this law, the railways will not be privatized, the private sector will be liberalized. With this law, the private sector will be able to operate in accordance with the necessary conditions that can take the locomotive. The railway will be divided into infrastructure and superstructure, the infrastructure will remain in the state.
This system has been tried in Europe and is not rediscovered in our country. We are even late for this system. Even neighboring countries such as Iran and Bulgaria have passed through this system many years ago, many countries such as France, Spain and Romania have completed restructuring of their own railways. Turkey is a passageway between continents. If we know the importance of international train operations we realize how late we are. The state and the private sector can run the train with the law. The private sector will be required to obtain the necessary authorization and permissions by operating the train. This authority will be given by the General Directorate of Railway Regulation established in the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. The Turkish State Railway Corporation will be established by the Turkish State Railways (IDT). It will be met. Railway employees will not be victimized by the law that will be released, will not be transferred to other institutions. not only makes a big difference in the bonuses, but also the salary of the retired personnel. We can say that the development of the railways, airlines, sea and highways in the countries is the indicator of the development of the country. We can understand that our country has been developing and growing recently with YHT, renewing its vision, increasing the number of airports, double roads and competing with the world in sea transportation.
As Transport Officer, we will support the development of institutions in parallel with this development and growth, and to increase their market share as employees until the end. At the end of this support, of course, we will remove all the officers from the public profile which are the subject of old Turkish films and will continue to say ine We will continue to fight until Madden and Manuram have a MEMUR profile embraced in peace Bu.
'We are in the field of transportation'
Transportation Officer Sen Chairman Can Cankes, the land in Turkey, Weather, stating that the union rights of employees who work in marine and railways, "In our country, civil society organizations, perhaps the world some countries are so undeveloped, even if the world in many countries both feel fine about it, I think. One of the biggest shortcomings of our country was the union union. Officers were not unionized. In the 1990 's, although the union said that the union is not legal, it first got its law, then a collective bargain and then a collective agreement. We also believe that the right to strike will be achieved in the process. Gre
Cankesen, who talked about the innovations of Transportation Officer-Sen, stated that sen Our service journey as Transport Officer has started on 13 January 2003. Today, at the age of ninth, we are proud of the honor and pride of serving the employees of the Transport Service branch as GENERAL AUTHORIZED UNION. In the next collective bargaining process, we will represent the employees in the Transportation Service branch at the collective bargaining table. As Transportation Officer Sen, we aim to protect and develop the common economic, social, cultural, personal, professional, rights and interests of our members while at the same time, we aim to oppose all kinds of injustice and unlawfulness in our country. In the realization of these objectives, we continue our work in the scope of democratic, secular, social justice and the rule of law based on universal human rights and the Constitution. Since its foundation, Transport Officer Sen has served its employees without compromising the principle of principled and responsible trade unionism and has never stopped retiring the interests of the institutions we work with. As Sheikh Edebalinin said in his advice to Osman Gazi, he continued his works with the philosophy of yaş Let us live the state and you can live it Şey. Transport Officer Sen since the day it was founded, has become a big family with the support of its employees, and it is growing rapidly with new contributions.
The slogan of our union is ın We are everywhere from Edirne to Kars. Sl As in this slogan, we compete in the service of all our members and employees.
As I mentioned above, we lacked union rights until the beginning of the 1990. We did it for a long time. When the union discourses and activities were first among the employees, there was no such thing as membership dues. Secretly, the workers were supporting the trade unions in order to carry out activities under the name of dues. If you say what that means. Before this period, the officials of the government, even if you have not objected to her neck bent at the expression of her fate in the phrase was satisfied. When it comes to production, I will act together, when it comes to financial and social rights I This is not a behavior that civil servants deserve. So we will develop the institution that we will produce together. The civil servants had the union's law at the end of difficult times. The collective bargaining process is now completed and the period of collective bargaining has started. The civil servants will reach the right to strike. Mem
http://www.hurhaber.com/haber/Demiryollarinda-buyuk-degisim/464821″ This is the transportation officer on your site.
'We finally learned the thoughts of Transport Officer Sen on the liberalization of TCDD (specialization for me). in recent years in Turkey, he said that the railways and privatization of the most important transport work with the relevant law on the liberalization of TCDD not have said that it is a revolution.
The sub-structure will remain in the state have commanded. Of course, the son of the hand to stay in the state of the most cost and have no return to undertake the work. Especially the fast train infrastructure. Dear General Manager High-speed train from Ankara to Eskisehir, the money spent by 400 pounds says. It is true. However, the actual operating cost of a business, but we will learn.
In the same statement; Acak TÜRKTREN A.Ş, which will serve as TÜRKTREN A.Ş. The first 5 damages will be covered by the state. Railroad employees will not be victimized by the law, they will not be transferred to other institutions. Acak
How, after the 5 year, the traumatization of TURKTREN and the salaries of the employees? He doesn't say anything about it.
In addition, the provisional 1 in the final provisions of the Sixth Section in the draft law. 2 of matter. ”The staff and positions that TÜRKTREN AŞ needs are determined by the Board of Directors ır, while the UÇMS expresses how promising staff can provide such promising guarantees in relation to job security.
In another amazing and thought-provoking case, there is no opinion about TÜDEMSAŞ, TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜVASAŞ and PORT. In any case, these institutions were dismissed in UÇMS as TCDD Management did.
Anyway, as a result of this law, we learned the ideas related to this law. This law, which abolishes all the obstacles to subcontracting and service procurement, is defined as u REVOLUTION Taş and it is in compliance with the establishment purpose of the Transport Officer. The General Manager of TCDD also defended the privatization practices under the name of liberalization with similar expressions to these statements. They've completed each other.
Of course, innovations are needed for TCDD to achieve a more contemporary structure. However, it should be kept in mind that TCDD was established for public service. This draft will transfer the initiative to the private sector, especially in freight transport. In addition, it is not true that the competition in passenger transportation and thus a more comfortable journey will be offered cheaper. Passengers will be given hours and routes will be given to the following companies, and passengers who will operate on other lines will be given a passenger and cargo guarantee. As it was done with the aircraft companies.
The subject of üşt the priority of customer satisfaction esi, which will be enshrined in the personnel regime law that will be enacted soon, will turn the public employee into a slave of the private enterprise. Because the customer's complaint about the staff in one day will result in the termination of the employment of those personnel.
The purpose, logic and purpose in the preparation of these studies under the name of Friends restructuring is the interest of the organization and the interests of the personnel. The main purpose of the restructuring works is to expand the profit areas and rates of the global capital by removing our institutions from the purpose of establishment. No matter which union you belong to, please ask your trade unions. Not just UCMS. Interrogate unions and trade unionists who are opposed to this law. Instead of thinking of resigning from trade unions, seek to suck trade unionism with the sergeant relations of the union, to the President of the Republic, and to send the burritos, which are behind the reputation of their position, to the house.

Source : www.turkulasimsen.org

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