Train is a life

Train is a Life is a valuable work that tells people about the trains in the country, the movies, the bumps, the meetings, and the trains that witnessed every era of life.
What kind of transportation is the train? According to some delightful According to some difficult ... as the railway transportation system in Turkey could develop in very challenging conditions. This transportation system has not been even one percent of the investment made on the railway, on the highway since the Ottoman Empire, but still with certain lines and, of course, with the efforts of train lovers.
After the first line opened on the Cairo-Alexandria line in the Ottoman period, rail laying and line opening activities were accelerated during the reign of Abdulhamit II. During the Republican period, quite a train route was built. But over certain lines. For example, there is still no railway beyond Samsun.
However, the Ottomans were more enthusiastic than the Republic, I think. Because we know that Topkapı Palace is located on the transit route of the trains departing from Sirkeci Station. The reason for this was the response of the engineers to the project that Abdülaziz gave to the project against the possibility of passing the railway through the palace, "If there is a railway to be built in the country, not the palace garden, it will pass through my bedroom, as long as it passes".
I wish the Republic had been decisive in this regard, but leave the railway line, even to empty the existing ones, trying to evaluate the stations for other projects (!), Who boasted, but what if there is an understanding that destroys the existing train lines. How can you eagerly beat the whistles of trains in a country where high-speed trains are crashed, the system cannot be seated, people are loving bed trains, and there are stations left to their fate?
From movies to movies
Train is a Life is a compilation of the Memleket Garları compilation as a complement to the reader recently met. My train with my trains is almost zero compared to the train lovers, but I can't forget the Basmane-Selcuk line I went once in my life. I still have the sound of the rails and the uncle of the uncle who sold mint sugar on the train.
Then we met Tanıl Bora, who compiled the book, thanks to a train ticket. When we invited to the school for a panel years ago, our teacher asked me to buy the train ticket. We met in the morning when I bought that ticket from Ankara station and delivered it to Tanıl Bora. I had never boarded a sleeper train in my life, but I could have bought it. The train also has such beauties.
The Train is a Life compilation tells about the unique trains, train journeys, traces left by these journeys from the human. The book begins with Suavi Aydın's manifesto article. Aydin, "Umran Road" circumstances in the development of the article entitled railways and railways in Turkey, tells a lengthily and unambiguous manner. So he made some kind of civil history. Yonca Kösebay Erkan, who also made important contributions to the Homeland Trainers book, describes the train stations as a public space specific to the 19th century, while Orhan Berent, whose beautiful article we have read in the previous review, gives life to the book with three articles: “Izmir and Aegean railways”, “The last trains of Izmir two days ”and“ Izmir trains 12 minutes before September 5 ”.
While Berent's writings add flavor to the book in the historical sense, he brings you to the places with good observations. The railway unionism conversation of Kıvanç Koçak and Tuğrul Paşaoğlu with Zafer Boyar allows us to look at the life of the trainers from another perspective. While Ali Can Sekmeç looks at trains from Yeşilçam, Murat Meriç focuses on trains on popular music pages. In another article, Yavuz Yıldırım examines the railroad teams in football and dreams that all of them will come together and hold a tournament one day. Aksu and Tanıl Bora are in the book that wrote the Ankara Express.
Journey on rails
Faruk Duman said, “The train will not only carry passengers, of course; Large and small 'symptoms' are also carried by train. We could see that September 12 was moving to Kars by train; soldiers were coming down from the wagons and they were drinking as soon as they got off. Aside from winking to the children playing on the roadside, some of them had adopted the task, looking angrily around, ”says the book.
“The train is not just a means of transportation. At least not for the fancier. The train is a mobile window, actually a sight itself. Train is a life. There is a type of person called "railroad": professed railroaders and railway-train enthusiasts. The train has its own romance. the history of railroading in Turkey. Aegean and Izmir trains. Ankara Express. Station phenomenon. Gar restaurants. Railway workers and unionism. Railroad football teams. Railway tools, railway goods… ”are transferred as components in the book. Alper Araz, Tolga Arvas, Mehmet Atlı, Yüsri Atlı, Suavi Aydın, Orhan Berent, Aksu Bora, Tanıl Bora, Zafer Boyar, Faruk Duman, Yonca Kösebay Erkan, Kıvanç Koçak, Murat Meriç, Tuğrul Paşaoğlu, Ali Can Sekmeç, Yavuz While adding lightning, you are going on a pleasant journey that will decide whether it is fast or slow. It is enough to leave yourself to the pages of this book for trains, train stations, trips and more, where such valuable names come together, sometimes to movies, sometimes to blows, sometimes to love, sometimes to sadness, you decide the last stop…

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