Fighting for railways in Trabzon has started to bear fruit for years

Trabzon Railroad Platform President Ahmet Sarı, said that they have begun to bear the fruits of their struggle on the railroad.
Yellow Railway Platform and its components in the written statement on behalf of the yellow, so far as a platform to produce continuous studies and projects about the railway said.
Stating that for years it has been said that 'the train departing from Europe will go to China' and they have emphasized that they must be integrated into this line, Sarı said:
“We see that the struggle they have been fighting over the railway for years is beginning to bear fruit. Our Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Mr. Erdogan Bayraktar, in his last statement heralded that the railway feasibility studies were over, and we were very happy. On behalf of Trabzon, on behalf of our platform, we would like to thank Dear Minister Bayraktar, who deserves particular appreciation for his great effort for an important project dating back to its history. "
Stating that the railway project is at the tender stage, Bayraktar also stated that being a fellow countryman strengthened them more and continued as follows:
“We want it to be known that we will support and stand by whoever the person, institution or any political power is in the realization of the railway project. Trabzon kavuşup via train to the old historic mission, to be the center of attraction of Turkey's eastern side, and will lead to the development of the giant investment. We would like to thank Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Bayraktar and remind us that we will do our best to bring the railway project to life.

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