Trabzon Will Take Germany as Example in 'Logistics'

Governor of Trabzon Recep Kızılcık, together with the delegation he created, examines the applications in the world for the establishment of the logistics center as soon as possible.
Trabzon Municipality Mayor Dr. Reminding that they went to this country together with Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman M. Suat Hacısalihoğlu, DOKA Secretary General Çetin Oktay Kalim and experts, Kızılcık said that they made examinations in logistics centers in Bremen and Hamburg. Governor Kızılcık noted that the logistics center implementation in Bremen is parallel to the logistics center to be built in our city.
Stating that Germany started discussions on the logistics center in the 1980s and made important progress in this regard, Governor Cranberry said that after the investigations, they will benefit from Germany due to their successful practices in the logistics center. Stating that they have been working on the establishment of one of the logistics centers in Trabzon, which has been one of the controversial topics in our country in recent years, Governor Kızılcık said, “We held a meeting with our local governments, non-governmental organizations and businessmen to bring the logistics center to our city. We held our last meeting with the participation of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy and the consultants of Dünya Newspaper. We made important decisions for what needs to be done in this regard. One of our decisions was to allocate a budget and assign experts to do feasibility studies. We started working with the technical project we prepared with the support of Karadeniz Technical University and DOKA. Our goal in terms of logistics center is to provide logistics services not only to our Eastern Black Sea Region and our country, but also to the Caucasus, Russia and even to all Far Eastern countries via Turkmenistan. Our mayor, president of the chamber of industry and commerce,
“We organized a trip to examine best practices in Germany with our professors at the university, our DOKA secretary general and two experts”.
Emphasizing that during the two-day inspection tour, Germany saw the logistics centers that Germany started to discuss in the 1980s, they had an important share in the world transportation, “In our investigations in Germany, serious steps have been taken towards the modernization of Bremen Port and the next logistics center, Hamburg port and logistics center. We have seen that by this means, it has an important share in world transportation. The trade and transportation sector has a dynamic structure depending on technology. Therefore, I saw that they were in serious competition with the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands in order to maintain their superiority. They started arguing in the 90's for the construction of a new port in the state of Lower Saxony and began construction in 2007. "We saw that they are planning to open new logistics centers within a month."
Noting that the logistics center to be built is in parallel with the center to be built in our city, Governor Kızılcık said, “The main feature of the new logistics center is that it is obtained from the sea filling of 7 meters deep, where the ships with large tonnages, which they call the 8th and 18th generation, can stand. This is in great parallel with the logistics center we will build. Just behind them, they started to build a giant logistics center and sea port of about 200 hectares. This study is a good logistics center and port practice that we should take as an example. We said that we can benefit from their experiences regarding the logistics center that we will build. They also expressed that they are open to cooperation in every aspect on this issue ”.
The Governor Kızılcık, where the observations on the infrastructure continued as follows:
“We have also observed that their infrastructures are extremely robust. The highway network comes to the logistics center. It was connected to the European railway with the newly built 70 km rail network. There is already a sea route network. Therefore, we have seen that there are exceptionally beautiful logistics centers that can be reached by road, rail and sea route network. In short, we saw that goods arriving by ship from the longest distance could reach Moscow by road and rail. Therefore, when we set up the logistics center in Trabzon, we will have very serious advantages in terms of buying and transporting goods from there to the Caucasus, Russia and even China. "
Emphasizing that everyone has a duty during the establishment of the Logistics Center, Governor Cranberry said, “I appeal to everyone who has a responsibility in this regard, and everyone should support them by participating in these works. He should put his hand under the stone. Because this is a historical responsibility ”he said.

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