At the third airport intersection

The distance between Atatürk Airport and Istanbul's third airport will be 35 km. Approximately 6 göz 7 billion euros will be overlooked for the new airport.
The area, which was expropriated and kept as a new airport in Silivri for a long time, was not preferred due to its distance to transportation modes and its contradiction with the planned project. For this reason, it was decided to build the new airport to the Istanbul Marmaray line, the third bridge connecting roads and the sea from the Black Sea.
The new airport will be located in the north of Istanbul, on the European side, close to the Black Sea. In short, there will be all alternatives for the passenger to reach the airport. In addition, for cargo transportation, this transportation network will move the new airport to a different point. The distance between Atatürk Airport and Istanbul's third airport will be 35 km by bird flight. Approximately 6-7 billion Euros will be sacrificed for the new airport. New formulas will be developed to facilitate financing for the new airport and to create a special and exemplary project. Let me tell you what one of these formulas should be. It is definitely necessary to keep the operating time long. Thus, the problem of providing expensive services to passengers at the terminals will be eliminated and the tender will be awarded. kazanThe company will add additional value to the country by marketing the city and its surroundings together with the airport.
Many questions need to be answered before the final point for the third airport. Will the new airport be called Vecihi Hürkuş? Or what about his name? Due to the competitions carried out during the operation period at the airports built with Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model, unqualified workmanship, simple materials and unskilled squares and terminals are emerging. In this case, the new airport tender needs to be corrected with a long duration of operation. With the third airport planned to be put into service at 2015, Istanbul's airspace will not be able to serve 3 airport at the same time. In this case, the decisions regarding Turkish Airlines and Atatürk Airport should be known. The duration of Atatürk Airport, operated by TAV Airports Holding, will expire in 2021.
Until then, how is the new airport run? What will be the responsibility of the State Airports Authority (DHMI)? In other words, how will the rights of the existing operator be protected in an airport that is procured through public tender and developed by foreign financing? These should be shown to foreign financial circles. The answer to these questions is important, because many large projects that have already been tendered due to such difficulties have no funding. Sample; Çukurova Regional Airport and İzmit Gulf Transit Project. The only offer to Çukurova came from the Sky Line Aviation-Zonguldak Private Civil Aviation Joint Venture Group with the 357 million 71 thousand 685 Euro investment cost and 9 year 10 month 10 day operation period. But 6 did not find funding on a monthly basis. 3 is also difficult in the additional time of month. The public should think about them well.
As far as I have learned, with the introduction of the third airport, Atatürk Airport will be structured to allow private business jets, flight schools, cargo planes, aircraft maintenance centers and various aviation-related service lines. Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said that they have started expropriation works on the construction of the third airport in Istanbul, and they are planning to announce the tender announcement this month, but should also clarify the details mentioned above. This year, it is aimed to take the necessary steps for production, but sharing the project with the public and the relevant circles as well as the right to rush to contribute to a healthy development.

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