Was there a metro investment in Ottoman history?

Kartal- to be launched todayKadıköy in advertising in various broadcast organs of the metro; It is expressed as “THE BIGGEST METRO INVESTMENT IN THE REPUBLIC HISTORY”.
I think this sentence is not true. I do not understand why it is only called Republic History. Home Homeland does not begin with the history of the Republic of Turkey. Our history is based on Central Asia… In the pre-Republican Ottoman period, it was strange to use this expression as if it had made larger investments in this sense.
This expression; "Turkey's Biggest Metro Investment Date" as had been told, would be more appropriate.
We love to boast. It is not a work we carried out the world's largest, Europe, the Middle East, the Balkans' largest, most ... in Turkey, we say in such and such town.
There are metro systems in many countries of the world. The first subway was established in London in 1863 in England. There are a total of 270 stations in the metro. The total length of all lines is 400 kilometers. With this length, it is the second longest subway in the world after Shanghai Metro. If the topic is up to date, you can check all the subways from Wikipedia.
If you were abroad, you understood how short and how late it was. These are things that should be and are too late. Whether you want or not, life conditions force you. Roads, bridges, dams were built and will continue to be built. Those who aspire to do the work, the people who vote for the office does not have the right to boast.
By the way, it is worth mentioning that the Metrobus expression is also wrong. It is difficult to understand why metrobus is called as a bus that does not follow the definition of metro. The more funny it is to call two-storey buses, Apartbus, it is so funny.
The traffic of Istanbul is growing very fast and very fast. It is impossible to reach this course by the state alone. Metro construction and operation has to be opened to private companies. Hope that the projects that will meet the need will be accelerated İhtiy

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