The Case Against The Cancellation Of The Tram Line By The Dolmuşçılar In Bursa Rejected

The lawsuit filed by Bursa minibuses working on the Garage-Sculpture line for the cancellation of the Sculpture-Garage (T1) Tram Line, which will be used for urban transportation in Bursa, was rejected.
The cancellation lawsuit filed by minibuses working on the Garage - Sculpture line for the T1 tram line, which was organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and BURULAŞ, whose first rails were laid with a ceremony held yesterday, has been concluded. The cancellation lawsuit filed against the T1 Tram Line against Bursa Metropolitan Municipality by Dolmuşçular was rejected by the 1st Administrative Court. A lawsuit was filed by the academic rooms in Bursa regarding the tram line to be built by the Spanish company Comsa SA.
The project, which includes the Monuments Board and the DLH approvals, covers a line of approximately 6,5 kilometers between the Sculpture and the Garage. 13 workshop building, 1 warehouse road, 2 workshop road, 2 scissor, 15 cruiser, 1 transformer building, 3 station, XNUMX station, XNUMX station, Xnumx station, Stadium, Altıparmak and Atatürk avenues, Statue, İnönü Street, Cyprus manufacture.

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