TEM highway paralyzed at the start of the holidays

On the Bolu TEM highway, holidaymakers who were on their way to Eid al-Fitr created the 30 kilometer. Holiday hours departing from Istanbul at night, could reach Bolu at 12 hour.
The Bolu area of ​​the TEM highway started the festival. The holidaymakers who departed from Istanbul to go to their hometown for Eid al-Fitr, suffered for hours. As a result of the burning of a car in Çaydurt area of ​​TEM highway, traffic flow towards Ankara was directed to D-100 highway from Çaydurt toll booths.
From time to time, traffic accidents were paralyzed on the road. However, holidaymakers who came to Istanbul from Bolu to Bolu at the 12 hour, encountered an 30 kilometer vehicle tail at the Çaydurt location of the TEM highway. Thousands of vehicle drivers, from Paşaköy junction to Çaydurt toll booths, waited for hours of traffic to be opened.
Especially the drivers who set off from Istanbul rebelled, yan We set off at midnight. We've been on the road since 12 hours. We came to Bolu from Istanbul at 12 hour. Let the authorities see our silence. We will go to our hometowns. Daha
While some of the vehicles were failing due to heavy traffic, some citizens also chose to sleep and cuddle in blankets. There is no vehicle density in TEM direction in Istanbul.

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