Cable car auction Alanya Municipality official website on the landing page

The landing page of the official website of the Municipality of Alanya 6 advertised the ropeway tender which will be held in 10.00 Chamber of the Chamber of Commerce on September Thursday.
In order to improve the traffic transportation network of the historical Alanya Castle, which is a candidate for UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, Alanya, the project was planned by the Municipality of Alanya, which is planned to be constructed between Damlataş Social Facility, Alanya Castle and Ehmedek Gate. The Municipality of Alanya, which is planned to be built between the Çarşı District, Alanya Castle and Ehmedek Gate on the Güzelyalı Caddesi, and the transfer of the transfer to the administration at the end of the period by the end of the period. announces The total cost of the ropeway rent will be 20 thousand TL and the amount of provisional guarantee will be 6 thousand TL. Companies and plans to enter the tender in the hours of working hours Güllerpınarı Mahallesi, Izzet Azakoglu Street No: 18 Alanya Municipality Real Estate and Expropriation Directorate can buy a thousand TL was announced.


The conditions and documents required to participate in the tender are as follows: Address declaration, tax registration certificate, Certificate of Chamber of Commerce and / or Industry, the document indicating that the real persons are registered with the Chamber of Commerce or the Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen. or the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, or a similar authority to which it is registered, a document indicating that the legal entity registered in the year of the tender is registered with the registry, the documents required for signature in case of a joint venture, the documents to be requested in case of a joint venture, the document indicating that the amount has been deposited, the document indicating that the tender dossier has been purchased, the total 18 million liras bank reference letter, the decision of the board of directors from the companies, the declaration that the Teleferik Facility is to see the area where the lift will be made, the administrative specification, the technical specifications, k The undertaking that reads the rental agreement, examines the preliminary projects and declares that it will fulfill them, the certificate of authority in the legal entities, the document and the declaration that it is not prohibited from the tenders.

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