73 thousand 720 TL material damage was given to TCDD in a month

Children who stormed the trains carrying the Batman-Diyarbakır service of the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) broke the 380 glass in a month. The cost of broken glass 73 thousand 720 TL was recorded.
Every year, many people can be injured and thousands of pounds of tragedy can be prevented. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Batman Station Deputy Director Süleyman Bağrıyanık, Batman-Diyarbakir flight of which Southern Express Batman and the Diyarbakir output of the children at the break full 380 ads window a month with stones, said the state of broken glass in a monthly cost of cause total loss of 73 thousand 720 TL said that. Expressing that passengers are transported by passengers in the South Express, which carries passengers on the route of Batman-Diyarbakır, Bağrıyanık stated that many people can not be prevented from being stoned.
Süleyman Bağrıyanık, the deputy director of Batman Gar, who noted that the trains that carry passenger transportation serve the public, said, “The citizen himself gets on but they are injured by the stones thrown by his children. We warn families every time. The passenger train that you board is there to serve you. "To ensure your safety, warn your children not to throw stones".
Bağrıyanık said that his windows were broken as a result of stones thrown by young children of ages, after the South Express and the Diyarbakır-Batman expedition at the exit of Batman and Diyarbakır, “This month, 380 windows were broken. Broken glasses are made in Diyarbakır. Each of the broken glass costs between 15 TL and 194 tele to the state. This month, a total of 73 thousand 720 TL has caused a loss. The spent money is our national wealth. Therefore, families should take care of their children. After all, this service is for them. ”

Source: Media 73

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