Good News of Additional Flight to Nazili and Söke from TCDD

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Denizli, under the new arrangements made in various mainline and regional trails, Nazilli time and increase the number of trains operating in Soke route.
While the TCDD has launched new trains on various main routes and regional routes, it has supplemented the main line trains with additional wagons to meet increasing passenger demand due to the feast.
In addition, TCDD also organized regional trains to increase rail transport between nearby cities. In this context; Izmir-Usak-Izmir, Basmane-Denizli, Denizli-Soke, Nazilli-Soke, Denizli-Nazilli trails will serve regional trains.
With this arrangement, TCDD, Denizli-Söke, Nazilli-Söke, Denizli-Nazilli, the number of voyages of regional trains operating in the course also increased. In addition to the trains running on the Basmane-Denizli line, it will be opened in new flights. In addition to the current flights, there are three departures per day on the Basmane-Denizli line; Two rounds in Denizli-Söke line; In Uşak-Izmir and Nazilli-Soke line, a departure and a return and a train to Denizli-Nazilli line were arranged.
The number of voyages will be increased from 10 to 27. All this time in Turkey's first indigenous DMU train sets will be produced in the plant in TÜVASAŞ Adapazarın used trains will consist of a series of Anatolia.
Transportation Chairman Binali Yildirim will start the train services that will connect Izmir to Uşak, Denizli, Ankara and Konya with the ceremony to be held in Alsancak Station in the evening and will open the Denizli-Söke-Nazilli line.

Source: HaberYurdum

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