Veysi Kurt, Vice President of TCDD, gave a briefing to President Gül during his visit to İzmir

Alsancak Port will take 'model'
Guest President Berdimuhammedov, Izmir visited the harbor during the visit was briefed about. Renewed ports in the country and proposed cooperation in new port projects
Turkmenistan will establish its new ports with the Izmir Alsancak Port model. The Turkmenistan President Gurbanguli Berdimuhammedov, who was conducting investigations in Izmir, was affected by the port during his visit to the Alsancak Port and decided to renew existing ports in Turkmenistan and to cooperate in new port projects. Berdimuhammedov, who came to Izmir yesterday on a private plane, first came to Alsancak Port and made investigations after he was greeted by the show of a folk dance team from Turkmenistan. Veysi Kurt, TCDD Deputy General Manager, gave a briefing to Berdimuhammedov at the meeting, which was closed to the press, attended by Economy Minister Zafer Çağlayan and Çalık Holding Chairman Ahmet Çalık. The guest, who was impressed by the briefing lasting about half an hour, decided to take advantage of the Alsancak Port model to renew the ports in his country and to establish new ports.
After the meeting, Veysi Kurt, Deputy General Manager of TCDD, who made an evaluation to Yeni Asır, told the guest President what activities they have been doing since the establishment of İzmir Port. Explaining that they also talked about the new investments they made as TCDD in the port and explained their future goals, Kurt said, “Turkmenistan President Gurbanguli Berdimuhammedov listened to us carefully. He took notes. He asked for the implementation of the Alsancak Port model in the projects of renewing the ports in his country and establishing new ports. He invited us to his country about this. We went with a team mainly of port operations, including Port of Izmir in Turkey, experience and information which will be determined in the coming days to share this country with Turkmenistan officials, "he said.
Following the briefing given at the Port Operation Directorate, the guest President and the Turkmenistan Delegation, who traveled from the cruise port where 2 ships were located, and traveled the container port with their vehicle, also took photos and video images from the port. The President and the Delegation later moved to the Crowne Plaza Hotel with the Minister of Economy Zafer Çağlayan.
The guest president, welcomed by the Honorary President of the Turkish company Cotam Enterprises, Muammer Ağım and the Chairman of the Board Seda Gengörü, watched the zeybek play show presented by the Hancı Folk Dances team in front of the hotel by holding the hand of Muammer Ağım. Turkmenistan President Berdimuhammedov met with the managers of Cotam Enterprises company after lunch at the hotel.
It was learned that Berdimuhammedov received information about the investments to be made in his country here.
Turkey's most important port
Izmir Alsancak Port, location, due to the nature of one of Turkey's most important ports and the hinterland. The port, which was started to be built in the 1950s, is still being invested in the port. TCDD is currently operating the Port, which was previously privatized and canceled. Alsancak Port, which provides business doors to approximately 100 thousand people, continues to have new investments over 400 million liras previously announced. As a result of these investments, the capacity of the port will increase from 1 million TEU to 3 million TEU. After two months at the port, a new container storage area of ​​2 thousand square meters will be operational. While the equipment in the port is being renewed, its infrastructure is improved in areas where its infrastructure is deteriorated. In addition, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality TCDD will work together in order to open a 100-meter wide and 250-meter deep canal between Yenikale and the port, allowing larger ships to enter the port.

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