TCDD increased number of flights and wagons due to holidays

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), while putting the time in various mainline and regional trains new trails, the mainline railway to meet the increasing passenger demand because of the feast was reinforced with additional cars. Konya Blue Train will be reciprocally on the Konya-İzmir-Konya line, which has been renewed, as of August 16. The train, which will depart at 20.00:4 from both provinces, will follow the İzmir-Manisa-Uşak-Afyonkarahisar and Konya route. The train consists of air-conditioned, 1 pulman, 1 couchette, 1 bed and XNUMX dining car.
Due to the first flight of the Konya Blue Train, a ceremony will be held at Alsancak Railway Station on Thursday, 16 August, at the time of 19.30:5, and the connection will be made to the Konya Train Station with the teleconference system. Toros Express will start to carry passengers between Adana-Eskişehir-Adana from the same date. The Toros Express, which consists of 07.05 pulman wagons, will depart at 07.20 from Adana and XNUMX from Eskişehir.
In addition, TCDD also organized regional trains to increase rail transport between nearby cities. In this context; Izmir-Usak-Izmir, Basmane-Denizli, Denizli-Soke, Nazilli-Soke, Denizli-Nazilli trails will serve regional trains. TCDD also took a series of measures to meet the increasing passenger demand during the Ramadan Feast. Wagon additions were made to the organizations of İzmir Mavi, Karesi Express, Central Anatolia, Çukurova and 4 September Blue, East and South / Vangölü expressions.

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