Toros Express worked for the citizens of Kütahya

Citizens living in Kütahya can also benefit from the "Taurus Express", which was launched between Eskişehir and Adana on August 16 with renewed wagons.
The train, which was renewed with modern air-conditioned wagons, began its mutual flights between Adana-Karaman-Konya-Afyon-Kütahya-Eskişehir on Thursday (16). On the 7 day of the week, the two-seater trains consist of two compartments and two seats.
Thanks to the High Speed ​​Train connection from Konya, Toros Express also provides comfortable transportation from Adana and Karaman to Ankara in a short time.
The train departing from Adana at 07.05 hrs in Pozantı at 08.58, Ulukışla at 10.08, Ereğli at 10.57, Karaman at 12.16, Konya at 13.52, Ilgın at 15.33 It is envisaged to be in Akşehir on 16.23, Afyonkarahisar on 17.57, Kütahya on 19.44 and Eskişehir on 21.06.
The train, which started from Eskişehir at 07.20, to Kütahya at 08.50, Afyonkarahisar at 10.45, Akşehir at 12.07, Konya at 15.00, Karaman at 16.24 and 21.30 It is planned to reach Adana.
The average time of the train is 14 hours, and the full ticket prices for boarding from Kütahya are determined as 35 lira in Kütahya-Adana, 25,50 lira in Kütahya-Karaman, 20,50 lira in Kütahya-Konya, 5,25 lira in Kütahya-Eskişehir.

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