Şoray Asked the Marmaray Mayor Topbaş Answered

Şoray liked the photograph of the Istanbul skyline at the entrance of the IMM building. Having studied the photograph for a long time, Şoray estimated where the buildings in the photograph where the historical peninsula are located. sohbet did. Topbaş gave Şoray a gift from the magazines in which the works of the municipality were explained. Saying that the Marmaray project on the cover of the magazine will be very beneficial for Istanbul, Şoray asked when the project will end. Topbaş said that with the activation of Marmaray in 2016, Istanbul will largely get rid of the traffic problem. Topbaş also informed that 150 thousand passengers will be transported from Marmaray per hour via public transportation. A journalist asked Şoray about his thoughts on Istanbul traffic and whether he used public transportation. Şoray said that he used public transportation when there was heavy traffic.

Source : http://www.radikal.com.tr




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