6 women residents quit their jobs due to social pressure in Samsun

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz explained that there are pre-acceptances regarding the working areas of women in the society and said that when they established the rail system, he wanted all the vatmen to be elected from their women. Stating that 6 of the women they hired as Vatman quit their jobs due to social pressure, Yılmaz said, “I know how women work in their homes. All of those jobs are harder than the work of the men we are chasing right now. ” said.
Speaking at the Tile and Ceramic Upholstery Course within the scope of the Woman Master Project carried out by the Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STSO) Provincial Women Entrepreneurs Board, Yılmaz gave information about the projects.
Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz said, “Four months ago, Mr. Hisarcıklıoğlu stated that the ratio of women entrepreneurs in our country is lower than the developing and developing countries in the world in Samsun program, especially when he said that the European average is very gray, especially that Japan is above the European average. made us all think. I went to the USA in 4 while the highways were working. During this visit, I saw that a lady working at a road construction site uses a road roller. I'm shocked. It surprised me that a lady did this job that always seemed like men could do. I watched this with amazement. I got into the vehicle and sat in the cabin. Then I asked that lady how she used this vehicle. To me, this cabin is air-conditioned, more comfortable than my home. I am doing my job very comfortably with the joystick here. I push the joystick forward, go and stop. There is a throttle grip here and I push it. The work I do here is easier for me than cooking at home. He said why not do it. I never forget that. " said.
Expressing that people adopt the values ​​accepted by the society, Yılmaz said, “Friends, we live with our acceptance. One and a half years ago, we brought the rail system to Samsun. I said that all attendants will be women. Everyone opposed me on this issue, including the bureaucrats in my municipality. 'Where do we find so many ladies. He will graduate from both Industrial Vocational High School (EML). They said, “There are sensitivity in society in this regard, how can this be?”. I said this will happen. Six of the women we took on this post left due to social pressure. 6 or 6 of our female attendants continued to continue this duty. However, driving the train is as easy as the work done by the woman doing the roadworks in the USA. I believe that the machines we use in our constructions, all of the machines that can only be used with joystics, can also be used by women. Then there is incredible comfort in the cabins of these machines. Many business marinas have state-of-the-art products in their cabins. Let alone the air conditioning, there are even music systems. I know how ladies work in their homes. All of those jobs are harder than the work of the men we pursue right now. " he spoke.
Stating that he is one of the biggest employers of Samsun, Yılmaz continued as follows: “I employ around 2500 workers. I know very well what is the difference between doing a job well, giving one's heart to a job, giving one's mind or not. I sincerely believe that friends are good people who do their job well. In this world, it is difficult for a person who does not do his job well to be a good person. Why does he not do his hard work well, he cannot meet the needs of his children, he is not at peace with the society, he has a fight with the employer, he has a fight with his friend. The negativities that occur due to the job that he did not do himself arise from his not doing it well. I congratulate good employees. I appreciate the encouragement of our esteemed Governor, who has been involved in organizing this business from the very beginning.

Source : I www.stargundem.co

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