Russia's Aeroekspress company is on the Domodedovo airport line with its new trains

Aeroekspress reported that the new trains were opened on the Domodedovo airport line. . Under the agreement between the Russian State Railways and Demihovskiy Maşinostroitelnıy Zavod, the 7 11 electric ED4M type electric train with wagon was delivered. All trains were transferred by Demihovskiy Maşinostroitelnıy Zavod to Russian State Railways and then to Aeroekspress Company for rent ıy.
The trains between the new electric trains and the Paveletskiy Railway Station-Domodedovo airport line will be renovated. Since the 2008, the Aeroekpress Company has been providing rail transport between Paveletskiy Train Station and Domodedovo Airport.
. This is one of the busiest lines, yoğun said Aleksandar Krivoruchko, General Manager of Aeroekspress. This year we carried more than 7 million passengers on this line just in 3,76 per month. Bu This figure is more than the 20,8 of similar values ​​of the previous year.
In particular, the renewal of railway vehicles on this line was an important step in improving the quality of service provided to passengers. The new ED4M trains will operate until 2015, where all of Aeroespress's rail vehicles in Moscow will be renewed by two-story electric trains. The result of the tender for the delivery of two-story railway vehicles will be announced in January.

Source : the turkish.ruvr.r



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