The rail is climbing!

Despite all-round criticism and warnings, the construction of the tram line between Atatürk Avenue, Kent Square and Altıparmak has started.
The fact that the Chamber of Civil Engineers and the Chamber of City Planners are suing the project also created a duel photo.
In his statement at the groundbreaking ceremony, Mayor Recep Altepe said, uz We are trying to survive the era in Bursa. We are trying to serve Bursa. Blocking them does not help anyone. Even trying to prevent it is a great persecution..
Chairman of the branch of IMO Bursa Necati Sahin, members of the iftar invitation, "IMO Bursa, cleaning the water will not touch the soap knows very well and touched the water soap." He said.
Next days…
The project will be made and the process will not be interrupted, the Metropolitan Municipality was the subject of a written statement.
A development linking the institution was announced and dava The case filed by dolmuşçılar about the cancellation of the Sculpture-Garage (T1) Tram Line projected by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality was rejected. ”
Necati Şahin, the head of the Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, has a new reaction to the Metropolitan Municipality.
Şahin, yargı The decision of the judicial institution announced by the Metropolitan Municipality has created the perception that our joint case with the Chamber of City Planners will be rejected in the public opinion of our city. But there is no such situation. ”
Clarity brings:
“The case of Dolmuşçu shopkeepers was opened before the decision process of the Metropolitan Municipality was completed. Therefore, the case was rejected by the local administration court. ”
Şahin reminded the objections of the Chamber of Civil Engineers to the tram line (T1) and said, “The sub-agency of the Ministry of Transport also reported a negative report. On the way to the truth of Bursa, (T1) line for the administrative judiciary has been in question. ”
Sahin, (T1) line on the agenda, specifying more than one case, "depending on the transfer of the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa Transportation Inc., especially the cancellation of the transfer, there is a situation or decision to prevent our judicial struggle." He says.
Sahin expressed that they do not have a thought to prevent the Metropolitan Municipality, “We are based on science and law. While considering such two basic principles, we attach importance to providing full solutions to urban problems and expectations and to use the money of the state carefully. ”
Şahin stated that scientific solutions are a must for chronic urban problems. Durumunda If the population increases and the settlement is expanded, the problems will remain on the agenda. Şahin
Rail tension will continue!

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