High speed train claim from Gunaydin

CHP Deputy Chairman Gökhan Günaydın, claiming that a high-speed train workshop will be built on the land of the Sugar Factory in Etimesgut, said, "This means that heavy chemical wastes mix into both soil and groundwater."
Members of the CHP Etimesgut District Organization organized a protest in front of the Orders Railway Station.
Supporting the event, CHP Deputy Chairman Günaydın argued that Ankara and Etimesgut were going through an important period.
Good morning, that of social democracy in favor of public transport, and thus high-speed trains and railway brought that suggested by the social democratic management approach to Turkey's agenda of transport.
Günaydın stating that they are protesting that the transportation master planning and the urban planning are not taken together on a rational basis, continued as follows:
“The problem is actually pretty simple. There are Marşandiz facilities a few kilometers away. There are maintenance workshops, maintenance factories, maneuvering areas and loading ramps there.
All of these operations that can now be carried out there are attempted to be carried out on the Sugar Factory land, which you can see behind us. Here, 16 buildings, 34 lines will be built and a heavy main maintenance workshop with a capacity of 50 train set maintenance workshop will be established. This means that heavy chemical wastes mix into both soil and groundwater. "
Günaydın, for the high-speed train workshop planned to be built, recalling the practices carried out in Eskişehir. ”This is both against the modern understanding and against the understanding of democracy. "Don't think of this area as an income area, set it up as an urban park area, so that we all live in a healthy way."

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