Before high voltage line is now also concrete beam

After TEDAŞ's broken tension line fell on the energy lines feeding İZBAN trains, this time 17-ton concrete beam fell on the railway. IZBAN passengers, who have been carrying thousands of passengers every day on the 80-kilometer line since the day it was put into service between Aliaga and Cumaova, has been outraged by the unfortunate malfunctions that have occurred in recent days. The flights stopped because the high voltage line belonging to TEDAŞ broke down at 07.25 in the morning of the previous day and fell on the catheter system providing energy to İZBAN trains. Citizens reacted to the situation, while stacks occurred at the stations due to the malfunction. After the hours of work, the fault was removed and the trips were started, though partially, this time around 02.00:XNUMX the night before, an accident occurred again near Egekent Station.
During the viaduct works that will connect the Evka-5 neighborhood to the ring road by the subcontractor company on behalf of the Highways Regional Directorate, the iron arms called "boom" of the crane with a lifting force of 100 tons were broken when a concrete beam was placed on the bridge legs. The 30-meter-long 17-ton concrete beam and the broken arm of the 4-ton crane fell on the IZBAN train line. Some citizens thought that an earthquake occurred due to the tons of booms and concrete beams weighing tons on the rails with great noise. Enver Kağan, 50, who was waiting on the columns for assembly during the work, was trapped on the viaduct after the work accident. Kağan was rescued by the firefighters who came to the scene.
While the arms of the 4 ton boom were taken off the rails after cutting with welding machines, the works carried out to lift the 17 ton beam continued until the first lights of the morning. While electricity could not be supplied to the line during the night, single line transportation was started on the line around 07.00:07.00 in the morning. İZBAN officials said that single line transportation started at XNUMX:XNUMX in the morning returned to normal at noon and double line transportation was started.

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