Homeland built with motorway networks, not railways

Yılda Last 10 year; From the beginning of the homeland four; We built it with railways or motorways? demir
I will try to answer this;
At the opening of the metro in Istanbul, the prime minister; "" 10. Year March; 'duck with iron nets'. What did you think? You're not a knight or anything. Hiçbir
Man The irresistible seizures of attacking Atatürk and his universal philosophy evrensel “.
What didn't he say ?! He says, we respond. How many people read our article? Stone burst; 300 person. But write a Galatasaray, Fener or Besiktas, leave 3 thousand people read, comment is not passed.
I'll still write:
The 31.8.2005 work, which is related to the 'Road-Rail transportation policies', has been updated at 26 December 2011, but I have not been published. I decided to give place to my studies after the end of the last Atatürk and his policies.
Prior to; I will address the motorways in the whole of the road and then talk about the railways 'past and present' transport policies:
The history of the ruins with iron networks in the country is certain. No one can deny the length of the railways that the Ottoman and Republic built in the 1950. Stop denying; especially after the power of the post-2002, it can never compare the construction of the railway and the construction of the Ottoman and Atatürk railways; Because the length of railways in the past period is evident in the records.
Road construction of the Ottoman period and Atatürk period cannot compete with the highway (highway and double road) constructions constructed by the power of the post-2002.
Unlikely, because today's power; 2 238 2023 4 773 12 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX
421 km between Gebze and İzmir - North Marmara 3 km from the 361rd Bosphorus Bridge - 433 km between Tekirdağ, Çanakkale and Balıkesir - 335 km between Aydın, Denizli and Antalya - 549 km between Ankara and İzmir - 202 km between Sivrihisar and Bursa - Between Ankara, Kırıkkale and Delice 120 km - Between Afyon, Burdur and Antalya Surroundings 345 km - Between Ankara and Pozantı 287 km 1- Şanlıurfa, Habur 360 km - Connecting Istanbul and Ankara to Iran and the Caucasus 1200 km - Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır plans to build a total of 160 km of roads with 4 km of highways between the two companies. I ask, will these roads take you somewhere, or will the masters of Oil and its subcontractors pay dollars?
Let's not eat;
10 can't say that it knits 'Homeland' in four years by railways, but; We can never deny that the 10 wears through 'homeland' highway networks in the year, the power of today.
Let's take a look at how he weaves our homeland through four motorways:
Although the double road is defined as 2 × 2, ie 2 lanes going 2 lanes divided highway, it is not controlled access (highway). Access is controlled only from exits (intersections).
The highway is more expensive because you have to make overpasses and underpasses everywhere. You can put a traffic light on the divided road (double road) and you can make exits and entrances from right to left, and it is possible to turn divided roads into highways in the process with a small investment. For example, some of the highways (interstates) that pass between the US states in America were previously normal double (divided road), but were later converted to motorways.
It is difficult to build highways, due to the failure of technology to perform in our country. But we are able to make engineering mistakes in transforming the existing single-lane roads into double roads with political structures.
After the siz High Speed ​​Train Project “; “Double Road Project r was launched in line with the idea of ​​political and economic rent. 'Pre-project and post-engineering discipline' in the context of not to show the care, such as the high-speed train accident on the railway, on the Split (Duble) road in the Mıcır accidents happened.
Double road populism is generally; 'Kekliki plain plain hunting' example, 'Voter flat plain hunting', flats / Ovalık areas are observed to observe.
There is no working 'rugged / mountainous areas' other than providing access to some 5 star hotels. The aim is to prepare the materials in the form of ol I have made so many doubles,, even though the aim is disengaged from each other and from the project discipline.
I like this construction method to the project of drinking water, ie its construction, when the 'water supply' should be started from memba, and in order to get the right, the downstream of the water is poured.
During the construction phase, the application techniques and the world road engineering standards without complying with the 'surface coating asphalt-superficial asphalt' poured on the work machinery due to engineering techniques and should be compressed by the machines, while navigating the vehicle "Mucur" (crushed stone) is constantly causing fatal accidents. The actual accidents after the construction, as well as the Double roads will be experienced after being opened to traffic-Ki, the last 6 months, causing major deaths, accidents, for example, students are members of a congregation Kizilcahamam accident and others are proof of it.
Because, it is the lifeblood of the Railway / Highway project and the people on it; De Dades Kur on vertical curves and horizontal curves (curves); It is constructed without complying with the science and discipline of engineering. In addition, the Duble / Split road is completed in a new way at the same or approximately the same level as the old road. In particular, the projects undertaken by the contractor (?) You are observing that this method is dominant. This has nothing to do with the economic context of this unrelated engineering technique. On the contrary, the contractor has a loss in size to pay more than the excavation.
Here, these are Project implementation errors in the context of Surface pavement asphalt, gravel, Horizontal Curve (Bend) and Dever. Who can tell me that the High Speed ​​Train Project accident that took place in Pamukovası, Sakarya on 21 July 2004 and caused the lives of 39 (?!) people, was not caused by the Dever mistake, which is one of these project mistakes… “Reports? Get over them!… ”Think about it, the TCDD General Manager who was on trial could be reinstated to his post.
Dever is an engineering term in French (Dêvers). In short, kaç Centrifugal force e due to the fast-moving vehicles 'Rail-Road-Road' from the exit and to prevent them from overturning, Highway and Railway curves inward towards the precise slope. Dever; It is like the lifeblood of the railway / highway project and the people on it. If you cannot catch the Dever slope and the horizontal curb code according to the project criteria, you will cause major accidents due to the overturning and drifting of the fast moving vehicles with the centrifugal force. Especially if you have a moor on it ini ..Considering all these cases; they are neither Engineers nor Architects and other technical staff pushed into the traumatic environment under the scale of life due to political pressure and wage policies.

Source: blog.milliyet.com.tr

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  1. Dever is critical issue, as you have mentioned, with the formula Fmcentrifuge = mXv2 / r. Under the conditions of our country, the max speed is 10%, the room 2% is roof (road water discharge) period. I am construction engineer. but unfortunately i have not seen anywhere else than adana ankara antep highways when i see these devars it is very very small 2% or so max ..