Step back in Metrobus

2007 was put into service in the stages of the Metrobus, which has been on the agenda of Istanbul with different discussions since its inception. 14 August 2012 Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş who took place in the press; Metrobuses can not be a solution to the traffic in Istanbul and the solution should be with light metro and rail systems said.
Both the project and the process of entering into the room after the introduction of the statement by the Metrobuses many times, Istanbul traffic can not be a permanent solution and the capacity to meet the demand was expressed that the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality had obstructed our statements.
It is obvious that the Metrobus system, in which the number of passengers that can be transported during the round-trip (peak) hours of the city is ignored, is a project produced with unplanned and populist approaches. In the past, in relation to metrobus investment in the evaluations made by our Chamber regarding the transportation policies of Istanbul; vehicle preference, route planning and non-rational decision-making decisions in pedestrian access were shown as the main problems. However, it was stated that the way to solve the transportation problems of Istanbul permanently is an integrated subway system.
At the point reached today, the evaluations made by our Chamber are actually seen. Moreover, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has been looking for new solutions for the problems and problems experienced in metrobus and accepted the truth of the predictions expressed by our Chamber in the past.
Scientific research shows that the proposed road system as a solution to increased motor vehicle traffic has become more problematic in a short time. This process in the BRT system, 3. In case of implementation of the bridge project, it will be repeated in a short time. Today, as TMMOB Chamber of City Planners, we would like to emphasize once again; Highway-weighted systems cause irreparable damage as well as irreparable response to meeting urban transport demand. On the other hand, the permanent solution for urban transportation in Istanbul is possible by rail-oriented investments and their connection with sea transportation and other public transportation types. Our room will continue to inform the public about the necessity and priority of the rail system projects which the city of Istanbul clearly needs, and the public against the practices that will harm the city and will cause the city to suffer.

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