Metrobüs crashed at Bosphorus Bridge exit

Sögütlüçeşme A motorcycline on the Zincirlikuyu line crashed at the exit of the Bosphorus bridge. The Anatolian side of the European side of the BRT in front of the motorcycle hit the motorcycle.
The motorcycle driver, who was thrown to the road due to the impact, was injured Passengers on the metrobus experienced brief panic. While the traffic came to a halt, the passengers got off the bus at the exit of the bridge and watched what was happening. The accident scene did not return to normal for about half an hour. The motorcycle driver, whose name could not be learned and who was reported to be slightly injured in his foot, was taken to Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital by a private ambulance passing the scene. When the passengers of the metrobus that had an accident wanted to get on again, there was a stampede. Since the doors were not closed, the paramedics at the accident site pushed the passengers and made the door close. Some passengers also got on the public bus that stopped at the scene. After a while, the traffic in the region returned to its normal form.

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