Metrobus and Marmaray change route to the city lines

A portion of the passengers are caught in the metrobus and in the coming years Marmaray, Wheeled Tube Passage and 3. The City Lines, which are expected to decrease even more with the bridge projects, are planning to sail to the new waters, especially to the tourist transportation.
City Lines, which closed most of its passengers to the metrobus, opened approximately two weeks ago. Kadıköy- With the Kartal Metro Line, it was again the choice of some former passengers. However, the Ottoman Company's Auspicious is worried that the number of passengers will decrease further with the implementation of the Marmaray, Tire Wheel Tube Walkway and 3rd bridge projects in the coming years.
Despite the “impending danger”, Şehir Hatları AŞ plans to focus even more on touristic transport, start ferry trips with cars and engage in heavy cargo transportation in Marmara.
Süleyman Genç, General Manager of City Lines, stated that the passenger portfolio, which tended to decrease at the beginning of this year, started to increase as of April, and that the increase in the number of passengers exceeded 10 percent during the maintenance works of Fatih Sultan Mehmet (FSM) and Golden Horn bridges, and this increase was 40 percent in the Bosphorus lines. He stated that he reached 100 percent in some lines such as Küçüksu-Beşiktaş.
Genç said, “We broke a record in the summer period. Although some of the residents of Istanbul are out of the city, there was a terrible increase in passengers. We carried about 240 thousand people a day. This figure is the highest number of passengers carried by City Lines, which dates back 161 years, on a daily basis, we broke the record of all time. ”
Noting that they carried over 23 million passengers in the first half of the year, this figure is expected to be 2012-46 million at the end of 47, and the figures show that this expectation will be exceeded. We broke a record this summer on Bosphorus trips. ”
The metrobus, which he sees as a “very successful project”, attracts passengers from the sea and only KadıköyStating that he received more than 1500 ferry passengers from Kadıköy- They have been waiting for the eagle subway for a long time, when the line goes into service Kadıköy noted that the number of steamer passengers increased by 15 percent and they expect this figure to increase further.
“We need to go to different areas”
Solomon Young, stating that they could not compete with rail, Istanbul Chamber of Guides and Turkey Travel Agencies Union (TÜRSAB) within the scope of the ongoing studies, the tourist will improve transport, Istanbul is such a future, the city's transportation projects when viewed from passenger transport as well as different areas of service said they should improve.
Genç continued his words as follows: “We will focus on touristic transportation. Sea transporters in Istanbul will have to choose this route. Because Marmaray, 3rd bridge, even Tire Wheel Tube Passage Project, metro passage project in Haliç ... We and the private sector, Beşiktaş, 80-90% of sea transportation, Kabataş, Karakoy, Eminonu, KadıköyWe are doing in the area consisting of Haydarpaşa and Üsküdar. When we look at these transportation investments and projects, we see that some lines may be affected by approximately 70 percent. For example, Üsküdar-Eminönü is the line where we carry the most passengers. With Marmaray, this line may lose its former function. Marmaray will be the first choice of fast transition between two collars. Those who love us will also use this line. ” Pointing out the potential of touristic transportation in Istanbul, Genç said that cruise tourism has improved a lot in the last 2 years, and that the development of touristic transportation is inevitable in the city, which hosts many international and domestic meetings, and that Istanbul is a “virgin paradise” in this area.
“We have infrastructure works in terms of having freight transportation to the private sector”
City Lines General Manager Genç stated that they are interested in the transportation of heavy cargo within the area starting from Tekirdağ to Ambarlı and on the Anatolian side from Maltepe, Kartal to Derince, Gölcük, Armutlu or Mudanya. we are doing it with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality as a common denominator. We will not necessarily do the transportation, we can do it. As the general executive has control over City Lines, we have infrastructure works in terms of allocating areas to the private sector. ”
Stating that his short-term plans include transportation by car ferry at several points in the Bosphorus, and that they are looking for mutual transits at 4 points of the Bosphorus, Genç said that İstinye-Çubuklu is “one of the best lines” and the first dreams to realize this line. With the support of the relevant authorities, it announced that this line may start next year.
Genç also stated that the fact that the Bosphorus Bridge will be taken into maintenance next year will increase the interest in the ferry services and they are preparing for this.

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