Metro Ready, Kartal-Kadıköy 29 minutes, Kartal-Üsküdar 35 minutes

The 22 km metro starts on 17 August.
One of the most important transportation projects in Istanbul Kadıköy- The 22-kilometer metro, which has the title of the fastest excavated tunnel in the world, is starting on August 17. will stop at the station.
Eagle-Kadıköy 29 minutes, Kartal-Üsküdar 35 minutes
A passenger who takes the metro from Hatla Kartal Kadıköy29 minutes to Üsküdar, 35 to Taksim, 55 to Atatürk and 79 minutes to Atatürk airport. then it will be extended by another 5 and a half kilometers to reach Pendik-Kaynarca.

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