Prices flew to the subway arrived

Housing prices, which started to rise on the Metro route, made the ceiling in the opening period. The highest increase in Kozyatağı last year, the price of the apartment 355 thousand pounds 450 thousand pounds went to the level.
The first subway of the Anatolian Side Kadıköy-Kartal metro line was opened yesterday. While even the news that the subway will be opened is enough to increase the housing prices on the route of the line, the prices of apartments for sale and rent have almost exploded.
The price of the flat in Kozyatağı, which was 2011 thousand liras in 355, continued its rise and reached 2012-420 thousand liras in 450. According to the news of Yazuz Karaman from Milliyet, the prices that started to increase in the construction of the subway continued to rise in prices for sale and rental, especially in some regions. An increase was observed in the prices of flats for sale in Anatolian Side between 2010-2011-2012.
According to reviews, the highest increase in the prices of apartments for sale Kadıköy It took place in Kozyatağı, a district of. The average price of apartments for sale in this region, which was 2010 thousand lira in 255, reached 2011 thousand lira in 355. Kozyatağı was one of the regions with the highest increase in 2012, the prices of apartments for sale in the district saw 400-450 thousand liras.
The second district of Kozyatağı, where the prices of apartments for sale in the route increased the most, was Göztepe. 2010 285 thousand pounds in the neighborhood of the price, 2011'da reached 385 thousand pounds. In 2012 this figure is seen as 450 bin liras, while in some houses prices have found 500 thousand pounds.
The average price in Bostancı, the third district where prices increased the most, increased from 245 thousand to 320 thousand liras. In the neighborhood, which continued to rise in 2012, housing prices increased to 350 thousand liras. In Kartal, which is located on the route, the prices of the houses for sale, which are 320 thousand lira, have increased up to approximately 400 lira. Satisfying the prices of flats for sale KadıköyThere was no increase in the price range in. In Soğanlık, the prices of apartments, which remained at 2010 thousand liras in 2011 and 165, reached 200 thousand liras. After Soğanlık, Küçükyalı became the district where the least increase was experienced.
It is seen that the prices of apartments for rent continue in the districts on the metro route. The region where the rental prices are the highest rise Kadıköy While the price of the rental apartment in the district, which was 2010 in 950, increased to 2011 lira in 1.150, this figure continued to increase in 2012 and reached an average of 2 thousand liras. Kadıköywas followed by Göztepe and the rental price of 900 lira reached 1.100 lira. In 2012, this figure saw 1.750 lira. It took its place among the districts where the prices of rental apartments in Kartal and Bostancı continue to rise.
The increase in the sales prices of the apartments in the two districts was reflected in the rental prices. KadıköyIn 2010, the average rental price of 1.100 + 3 apartments, which was rented for an average of 1 lira in 2011, reached 1.250 in 2012 and 2 thousand lira in 650. This cost increased from 850 lira to 2012 lira in Kartal and became 1.150 lira in XNUMX.
The rental prices of 2 + 1 apartments also increased at a similar rate. KadıköyThe average rental price of 2 + 1 flats in Istanbul has reached from 800 to 900 liras in a year, this figure is 1.200 liras.
Districts on both ends of the metro line Kadıköy and 2+1 and 3+1 for sale and rental residences in the centers of Kartal and Kartal are also in value within a year at remarkable rates. kazanwas. KadıköyThe average sales price of 3 + 1 flats in Turkey increased from 2010 thousand lira in 274 to 2011 thousand lira in 365 and 2012 thousand lira in 450. This figure, which was 2011 thousand lira in 185 in Kartal, was seen to have increased to 2012 thousand lira in 250.
A similar rise was seen in 2 + 1 apartments. KadıköyThe average sales price of 2 + 1 apartments in Istanbul increased from 2010 thousand lira in 195 to 2011 thousand lira in 225 and 2012 thousand lira in 300. Prices in Kartal increased from 127 thousand 500 liras to 150 thousand liras and saw 2012 thousand liras in 200.
2010 350.000 TL
2011 450.000 TL
2012 450.000 TL
2010 255.000 TL
2011 355.000 TL
2012 450.000 TL
2010 285.000 TL
2011 385.000 TL
2012 450.000 TL
2010 290.000 TL
2011 320.000 TL
2012 400.000 TL

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