Mecidiyeköy metrobus stop closed

📩 24/11/2018 20:50

Due to the work done in Mecidiyeköy Metrobus stop, the underpass was closed for 15 days from today ...
It was reported that the overpass will be used to enter the Metrobus stop during this time. Some of the citizens who wanted to stop were aware of the situation and some of them learned in the morning.
Mecidiyeköy Metrobus station with the elevator and escalator work, the station was re-arranged, the subway to the station was closed. This work was announced to the citizens by hanging the banner in the field. During the 15 day, citizens will use the newly built overpass. Citizens descending the metrobus inside the station said they were following the work from the news. Some citizens noticed that the gate was closed to work in the morning.
A citizen using the metrobus stop said, “I watched it on the news yesterday. I knew it would be working. We wish it would be good. "I was constantly using that gate," he said.

Source: Today

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