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Domestic and foreign investments, growing business volume and investments in rail transport, have prompted Arkas Holding to increase its capital from 46 million to 1890 million pounds.
ARKAS Holding has decided to increase its capital in line with its growing business volume and the investments to be made in railway transportation with the introduction of Marmaray, both in Turkey and in the Mediterranean and Black Sea countries.
Arkas Holding Chairman Önder Türkkanı said that the current paid-in capital will be increased from 46 million pounds to 190 million and the transaction will be completed by the end of the year.
Preparation for the new semester
Seaway based in Turkey in transportation, Mediterranean and Black Sea countries also includes the huge structure to maintain that expresses Türkkanı, a Europe-Asia axis which takes place in conjunction with the Marmaray in the heart of Turkey drew attention to the gaining momentum of rail transport. Saying that logistical activities will go to a higher level with the commissioning of Marmaray, Türkkanı stated that they will complete the railway terminals that they started to build in Izmit and Mersin as a group and they will simultaneously purchase locomotives for the railway fleet reaching 1000 wagon. For this, the relevant law is expected to come into force as soon as possible.
Ün This capital increase is an expression of confidence in our country, the future of the logistics sector and Arkas employees, ün said Türkkanı, who said they would be more prepared for the new period by increasing the shareholders' equity.
Arkas Holding companies' 2012 turnover is expected to be 4 billion TL; a significant portion of this is composed of service revenues providing foreign exchange input.
Hizmer revenues
Arkas, which will provide rail transportation to CIS countries with the completion of Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railway constructions outside Marmaray, also has warehouse investments and cabotage line investments within the scope of the Anatolian Project. The expected turnover of Arkas companies by the end of 2012 was TL 4 billion, a significant portion of which was provided by foreign exchange services.
Türkkanı stated that they started to create “land ports de in connection with Marmaray while providing information about the investments related to the Anatolian Project. Kan When Marmaray is completed, freight traffic between Europe and Asia will increase exponentially. Not only Turkey, the Caucasus and Middle East countries will also be included in this system. We're getting ready. Izmit-Kartepe, Bilecik-Bozüyük and Konya, Ankara, Gaziantep and Mersin and Yenice logistics centers will be established as a kind of port will assume the function of land, ”he said.
Stating that they have invested 150 million dollars in the Anatolian Project so far, the total land of the logistics centers they plan to establish in Mersin and Kocaeli is 700 thousand square meters. Türkkanı said, “We have 200 acres in İzmit / Kartepe. When the tunnel is opened, it will be the center of the collection of trains from foreign countries. For example, a new freight from these terminals will be added to a train coming from Germany and direct access to other cities of Anatolia and neighboring countries will be provided. We want to increase the number of terminals as trade volume increases. We completed the land purchases. We are partners with the German State Railways company Schenker. These logistics centers with Turkey's neighboring countries, we aim to contribute to the development of the trade, "he said.

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