Prevention Suggestion from YOLDER for Level Crossing Accidents

📩 24/11/2018 21:00

YOLDER President Özden Polat sent letters to the Mufti offices in 81 provinces, as well as the Directorate of Religious Affairs in order to raise awareness of citizens. Polat asked the mufti offices to discuss the issue of level crossing in Friday sermons.
Stating that the accidents decreased but did not end completely with the measures and studies taken by TCDD, YOLDER President Özden Polat stated that the most important work to be done to prevent level crossing accidents is to make the crossings controlled. Polat explained that they conveyed their opinions to TCDD General Directorate in order to reduce material losses as well as fatal accidents at level crossings and said, “It is now mandatory to complete the legislative deficiencies, to carry out electronic inspection, and to appoint a unit responsible for the construction and protection of level crossings.
However, citizens also need to be more sensitive to the issue. "We want the citizens to be warned that when there is a controlled or uncontrolled level crossing, the citizens should definitely not approach the level crossings and wait for the train to pass from the moment they hear the sound of the train."
Reminding that they sent a letter to the Presidency of Religious Affairs and the muftis of 81 provinces in order to prevent the level crossing accidents and the loss of life and property they caused, YOLDER President Özden Polat said, “We want the mufti's office, who warned the citizens with khutbah during the Traffic Week, to give sermons on this subject. There is an increase in the number of citizens coming to Friday, especially during Ramadan. The more people we reach and warn about this, the better. We think khutbah is a good way to increase the awareness of the citizens about level crossings. We believe that Religious Affairs will not remain insensitive to this issue ”.
Özden Polat stated that they want to do the same with the Ministry of Education in order to raise the awareness of children and young people. Polat said that the issue of level crossings should be handled in more detail in traffic lessons and added that YOLDER is ready to cooperate with institutions and organizations to provide training on this subject.
The data published on the crossover collision in the Railway Operation Accidents in TCDD's 2007-2011 Statistical Yearbook are as follows:
Year Level crossing accidents Number of casualties 2007 139 143 43 2008 118 114 37 2009 85 203 38 2010 46 64 25

Source: Star Newspaper

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