We catch London in a hundred years

The length of the metro has reached the 180 mile since the 'Republican history' with the attacks in recent years in Istanbul. The 10 metro speed has exceeded 40 per year. If Turkey can catch it quickly went to the world's longest subway network in London a hundred years later. Radikal made a short trip to the 'metro history' for you. The story is:
We have a long way to go
The foundation of the world's first underground rail system in 1863 was laid in London. 12 years later, during the reign of Sultan Abdulaziz, this system was introduced to the Ottoman Empire. The 550 meter 'Tunnel' between Karaköy and Beyoğlu, which is still in operation, was built during this period. Although we met almost simultaneously with the world he singled out Turkey for years railed system in place. Istanbul has its first metro station at 1989. Currently there are seven metro lines in Istanbul. When the "Marmaray" is completed in 2013, the length of the subway will reach 180 kilometers. The length of the metro in London is 408, and a metro network of 420 kilometers is located in Shanghai, China.
15 line is coming, on the way
There are 7 metro lines available in Istanbul. Seven metro lines are under construction: “Başakşehir - Olimpiyatköy / Otogar - Kirazlı / Kirazlı - Olimpiyat Köyü / Şişhane - Yenikapı / Üsküdar - Ümraniye / Aksaray - Yenikapı” Marmaray, which passes 60 meters deep of the Bosphorus, is planned to open on 29 October 2013. Meanwhile, the eight lines that are still in the tender stage are: Bakırköy - Beylikdüzü / Yenikapı - Bakırköy / Bahçelievler - Bağcılar / Kabataş - Mahmutbey / Ataköy - İkitelli / Dudullu - Bostancı / Kirazlı - Halkalı and Eminönü - Alibeyköy. 19 lines in Istanbul are still in the project phase. If all lines are completed, the total length of the subway will reach 500 kilometers and cross London.

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