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Trabzon, 10 year ago heard the excitement of Surmene Shipyard facing a similar development. Again Sürmene, this time we talk about logistics. Full 10 years We talked about Sürmene Shipyard. milletvekiliprof. Dr. As a result of the personal and intense efforts of Mr. Cevdet Erdöl, the shipyard problem has been exceeded in the 5 year. But the developing crisis in Europe and outside of Trabzon in Turkey, he had fabulous resort shipyards finished almost in our hands. However, the Eastern Black Sea Region would be the new center of Turkish shipyard. In Rize, a shipyard in the west of Trabzon, a shipyard in Giresun and a new shipyard would have been formed.
The shipyard, which we believe will provide great opportunities in terms of employment, ends in frustration, and the phenomenon of logistics center to be established in this ready field has again excited. The area around 270 acreage in Sürmene was almost perfect for logistics. But as always, doing business in Trabzon was not easy. Somebody's going to protest, either. Personal interests would again stand out for city sensitivity. The authorities of the Trabzon Port Authority brought in the front of the community like a Deliklitaş quarry. Afterwards, a new contention process was started with the concern that Sürmene would be an alternative to Trabzon Port. Instead of taking immediate steps considering the shipyard area and sea depth, the depth of the sea was discussed as an impasse.
Civil society organizations on the subject, Mr. Governor. Recep Kızılcık and also Mr. Minister Erdoğan Bayraktar are all sensitive as We are facing the project that will create the biggest employment for the last half century in Trabzon. In the face of this fact, a delegation headed by the Governor went to Germany, where logistics worked best. Mayor, Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, DOKA Secretary General Çetin Oktay Kaldırım and TTSO President Suat Hacısalihoğlu have visited the logistics centers in various cities of Germany. Both the Governor and the Governor's approach, TTSO President Suat Hacısalihoğlu'nun narrative of the most suitable logistics logistics in Trabzon 'Bremen Logistics Center' turned out to be.
The Governor, Mr. Kızılcık, describes the Bremen Logistics Center and emphasizes the importance of infrastructure and harbor depth.
1.It comes from the sea even load from the long distance.
2 .Course: Bremen Logistics Center is connected to the European international route by motorway.
3. Railway: 70 is connected to the European railway network by rail demiryolu
Large tonnage ships could enter the Bremen Logistics Center. Port, 7 and 8. 18, called generation, has a depth of meters. And this has been achieved with the fill of the harbor.
Loads from the Bremen Logistics Center can be transported by road and rail to Moscow. After this information, the governor, Mr. Kizilcik, speaks to the public and says; Malı Our time is precious and less az Everybody should put their hands under the stone. This is a historic responsibility.
After the Sürmene Shipyard, we know the debt to Sürmene Logistics Center as a responsible publisher thanks to our sincerity.
This project needs water up to the city and the region, up to the bread. We believe that logistics, which is a modern investment, will be the gate of business and door to thousands of people in the region. And we're coming to a point.
Years ago, we argued that Trabzon-Batum railway was the most important and more urgent than the Erzincan railway. We brought this thesis to the agenda at the information meeting of the General Manager of Railways. We said that Trabzon's face is more oriented towards Russia, Central Asia and Caucasus than GAP. We don't like to say uz We said “. We're sorry, but we've always said it. Our priority is not the Erzincan-Trabzon, Trabzon-Batumi railway is the year we have voiced. Now that's the truth we're facing in logistics. Trabzon logistics center, rather than the Erzincan railway, Batumi railway, so that the railway network to reach China to China and the match needs to meet.
We invite everyone who is responsible in Trabzon to be as sensitive as the sensitivity of our Governor and that logistics will be the biggest project of Trabzon for the last half century. We do not say we will succeed, beyond the necessity to achieve beyond the prisoners. And I hope we will.

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