Aliağa-Menderes Rail System line discussion in live broadcast

AK Party Izmir deputy Aydin Sengul and CHP İzmir deputy Alaattin Yuksel, live broadcast on the Aliaga-Menderes Rail System line discussed.
Izmir deputy from the CHP, Yuksel, the project is fully implemented with municipal facilities after expressing that, jen TCDD did not spend a penny here. There's a protocol. I will resign from his seat as a proof that he gives money. Para
I'm stuck at this resignation rest, let's see if he resigns?
Sec. I think my readers know about Alaattin YÜKSEL. Last night's discussion of television and the message from a reader on this issue opened up an interesting development.
What our deputy said, leri Prove that TCDD has spent a penny on the expenses of the commuter system, I will resign as deputy sistem
The information that comes to me is striking at this point. In fact, Alattin YÜKSEL is probably incomplete, and has understood himself to resign from his parliament. Namely, in the protocol between TCDD and IMM, it was envisaged that all expenses of all construction works related to the Suburban system would be covered by IMM but only by a company in which the company would be a 50% partner of each party. As a requirement of this agreement, İZBAN paid the expenses of the equipment for the wagons and maintenance facilities. In other words, half of the expenses made for these were covered by IBB and half of them were covered by TCDD. Since these investments are an integral part of the Suburban System and they have an important share in the total suburban system, the expenditure made by TCDD for them through İZBAN is definitely the expenditure made for the Suburban system.
This subtlety probably could not be understood by Alaattin Bey, and this lack of knowledge and unreasonable rest has revealed.
If the rest is not justified, he falls to fulfill his promise only and only.
If you wish, let's remember the words of Alaattin Yüksel.
“Hodri challenge, I said. I'm taking a resignation. You can't. The high-speed train project was made entirely with the facilities of the municipality Hızlı
Mr. Alaattin Yuksel, will you hand over to Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu or will you send it by mail?
Fortunately, we return to the current situation, if you remember the article in my previous article, "I was not in the parliament, I have no responsibility" in the article, IBB and Buca Parliamentary decisions were discussed.
14.01.2011 IMM council revised the Buca 1 / 5000 scale development plan. Based on the 1 / 25.000 scale plan that was in effect at the time, they made a 1 / 5000 scale plan.
The 1 / 25.000 scaled plan of that time was canceled because the 1 / 100.000 scale plan was called as the room. What Izmir has suffered from planning mistakes!
One of the citizens who have been victimized has objected to the suspension period and has been rejected and not rejected as usual. Citizen appealed to the court, went to the court, allegations, 4. The Administrative Court decided to stop the execution with the decision of 2011 / 1821.
Nazım Zoning Planning Directorate, 1 / 25.000 scale plan in accordance with the 1 / 5000 scale plan can not do, by law, the development law 6. 8. Do you not have to make a proper zoning plan according to the upper scale plans?
Who is at the head of the master plan?
In the city council, councilors raise and vote without knowing the plans that are not in accordance with the law. Group decision does not sound, they are making it sound, the President of the Zoning Commission, "We, the Qibla right, ablution is strong," you can not take the responsibility. Nobody is interested in your ablution, zoning plans one by one, the jurisdiction is not, like a prescription writing plans, the morning to take a spoon, evening to say on the full stomach. Look, I work, I read, at least I try and argue, I learned better planning from you, you try to work a little, Dr Sirri Bey Izmir is not the village, but the big city. In these plans, the pressures applied to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, because of the investigations, is stopping the execution? Is not known from people who do not know the planning.
Dr. Sırrı Bey is misleading you as you are planning to tell me, or you are indeed a valuable medical doctor.
Now that the planning of IMM has stopped working,
Buca does not have an 1 / 5000 scale plan!
What will they do if the reconstruction of the Buca parliament comes?
According to claims, 19.06.2012 4. What did the Administrative Court give to the execution stop?
The scale of the upper-scale plan and the sub-scale plans are not in harmony with each other.
Anyone who is a planner knows more about school planning, what are the planning principles, whether or not planning can be done in the lower scale without the upper scale.
Another issue that I had difficulty in understanding is that it was decided to stop the execution on 19.06.2012, let's say that the lawyers of IMM learned about the decision to stop the execution a week later in the worst conditions. done? Is there an answer to the question?
The decision to stop the alleged execution I will share with you in the next article, I could not take the decision due to fax distress, every decision I have is not a claim for me. However, I am very confident in the mind and vision of the person of the claim.

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