Bridge and Boulevard Opening Relieves Capital Traffic

Following the Marşandiz Bridge, the Şeker Intersection, which has completed the road crossing of Sincan Ayaş and the underpass works of Celal Bayar Boulevard, opened the Armored Units Bridge Interchange and Şaşmaz Viaduct to traffic, and provided a significant comfort in the traffic before opening the schools.
The Metropolitan Municipality, after the rebuilding of the Marşandiz Bridge on the Anatolian Boulevard in 53 days, continues to present the other bridge works. After the Marşandiz Bridge, the Metropolitan Municipality completed the works of Celal Bayar Boulevard DDY Underpass Construction within the scope of Yeni Çiftlik Boulevard project and opened the boulevard completely to traffic. Along with the overpasses and bridges he opened, the Metropolitan Municipality has relieved traffic all over the capital, and after Celal Bayar, opened the road to Xinjiang on the crossroads of the Sugar Factory on Sincan Road. District region of the traffic of the back bones of bridges in the capital of Ankara, the last point of the New Farm Boulevard Armored Units Köprülü Junction and the connection made in connection with the insurmountable Viaduct Metropolitan Municipality, Ankara's western corridor in the traffic burden relieved.
Expressing that the service was provided with a 'U' return, which was used for returning to Etimesgut in the region and separated by New Jersey barriers, but this was not enough, Vedat Üçpınar, Head of Science Affairs Department, said that this return was canceled and the traffic was more comfortable and Noting that it would be safe, he gave the following information about the underpasses that were completed and under construction: “There are 3 underpasses outside the overpass, which is the Sincan-Ankara line, of the bridge junction we put into service. The first underpass at the Köprülü intersection will provide the two-way Etimesgut-Ankara traffic of Şeker Mahallesi. The second underpass will serve those who want to use the routes of Etimesgut, Şeker Mahallesi and Şeker Fabrikası from Ayaş Yolu and a continuous traffic flow will be provided without signaling. We will also enter the Sugar Factory with the third underpass on Etiler Avenue. ”
Üçpınar, FDI Underpass road closed to traffic due Study, Turkey Electricity Transmission Joint Stock Company in the construction field (TEIAS) reported the main transmission lines were displaced due to the extension of working Celal Bayar Boulevard is delayed opened to traffic. Reminding that the arrival direction of Celal Bayar Boulevard from Etiler Orduevi to Sıhhiye was previously opened to traffic, Vedat Üçpınar also noted that the direction of entrance from Sıhhiye to Gazi Mahallesi has also started to serve the drivers of the capital. Stating that the work of Yeni Çiftlik Boulevard, which is connected to DDY Underpass, continues, Üçpınar said that the new Çiftlik Boulevard, which is under construction, will start from Celal Bayar Boulevard in 4 arrivals and 4 lines and continue from AOÇ land parallel to the suburban train line and Etimesgut. He also said he would end in front of Armored Troops.
Armored Units Koprulu Junction 4 clover leaf shaped turns and 4 variant called the side of the road is composed of side roads indicating Vedat Üçpınar, 4 clover leaf and 2 variant is completed and opened to service. Vedat Üçpınar, who noted that 2 arrivals, 4 arrivals, 4 arrivals, 8 lanes are approximately 44 meters long, with the XNUMX span of the Armored Units Junction Junction, has been put into service with the interchange of the bridge. Significantly relax. Vedat Üçpınar, who explained that the construction of the underpass in front of the Armored Units was completed, noted that the construction of the underpass and the vehicles coming from the Armored Units Division would be more secure to join the New Farm Boulevard.
Head of Science Department Vedat Üçpınar stated that the 9 span of 336 spans, 4 spans 4 openings, and the boulevard on the Şasmaz Viaduct, which is the 8 lane, were completed. and connects Eskişehir Road to İstanbul Road. Linking Şaşmaz with Eskişehir Road, Bulvar crosses the railway and Ankara Stream over the Viaducts and provides an uninterrupted transportation. Ad

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