Buses and trams in Konya are free for the first 2 days of the feast

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, all the necessary preparations for the citizens of the Eid al-Fitr has completed the preparations.
In the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, it was stated that the necessary measures were taken to spend the Ramadan Feast in peace, “The Environment Protection and Control Department carried out cleaning works for the peace and tranquility of the citizens and increased their security measures. Those who want to visit the cemetery can see the Cemetery Information System, which contains all the data in 109 cemeteries in Konya, on the internet and from the kiosks at the entrance of the big cemeteries. Transportation Planning and Rail System Department, which will serve with the application of market tariff during the holidays, took all necessary measures to ensure that citizens spend their holiday visits more comfortably and peacefully. Buses and trams will serve free of charge during the first 2 days of the holiday. Konya Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of KOSKI will provide 24-hour service for water, sewage and meter faults during the holiday. Citizens; they will be able to call Alo 185 or 221 61 00 for water and sewer failures. The Metropolitan Municipality Police Department will also continue its efforts to respond to any complaints of citizens during the Ramadan Feast. All units will be on duty 24 hours before the feast. 24 hours in the bus station and the Environment Police Departments during the holiday; There will be service between 08.00 - 19.00 around the Mevlana Museum and between 08.00 - 24.00 in the city center. For complaints about the police, the telephone number 265 01 93 can be called. Fire Department, which will continue its normal work during the feast; He will continue to work in Aydınlık, Meram, Karatay and Bosnia and Herzegovina Group Offices. Citizens will be able to report their notifications about fire and similar natural disasters to the phone number 110. The Emergency Response Team, which will immediately respond to road, pavement, pavement and similar problems during the holiday, will serve within the scope of Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Science Affairs. Kültürpark Evenings organized by Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of 100 Project events in 200 Days will continue during the feast. ”

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    1. oh good but the bus was free but if it were 3 days it would be good but thank God