High-speed train hits Konya

An 4 person who went to the hospital in Konya was hit by an accelerated train at a level crossing.
Güldane Coşkun, who survived with a slight abrasions and was treated in the ambulance called to the scene, went to his home by the hand of his daughter Ceylan Coşkun.
The accident occurred today at the 08.00 ranks in the central Meram District Aybahçe Mahallesi Fidanlık Street. 31 42 277-28 XNUMX plate car, under control plate and light level crossing the vehicle, allegedly, uncontrolled passing, Karaman-Konya expedition speed machine used by the engineer Hüseyin Karakaş'ın hit by. Atasever and XNUMX-year-old Ali Coşkun, his wife Güldane Coşkun and his daughter Ceylan Coşkun survived the accident with slight abrasions.
4 was performed in the ambulance, which was called to the scene upon treatment requests of the person. Treatment was completed Güldane Coskun, then took her daughter's hand and went home. Ali Coşkun, slightly injured in his left arm, said he had set out to take his wife to the hospital for routine checkup.
Hilmi Serin district head Aybahçe neighborhood, heard the accident that they came from the scene and the car, they said that a serious injury did not occur by chance.
An investigation into the accident continues.

Source : I haber.mynet.co



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