Konya Blue Train to be launched for the first time tomorrow

blue cruise from izmir to ankara
blue cruise from izmir to ankara

According to a written statement made by the General Directorate of TCDD, a new train named Konya Blue Train is put on the Konya-Izmir-Konya line. The train departs from both provinces at 20.00 and will follow the Izmir-Manisa-Usak-Afyon and Konya route. The train consists of an air conditioned 4 pulman, 1 sleeve, 1 bed and 1 dining car.
Due to the first voyage of the Konya Blue Train, a ceremony will be held at the Alsancak Railway Station with the participation of Minister Yildirim, and a teleconference system will be connected to Konya Railway Station.

Toros Express will start carrying passengers between Adana and Eskişehir-Adana. Toros Express, consisting of 5 pulman wagon, will move from 07.05 in Adana and 07.20 from Eskisehir.

Izmir Konya Blue Train Schedule

IZMIR (Basmane) 20:15 KONYA 19:15
Çiğli 20:43 Horozluhan 19:25
Menemen 21:01 Pinarbasi 19:39
Ayvacik 21:18 Square 20:00
Muradiye 21:31 Sarayönü 20:18
MANÝSA 21:49 the Kadınh 20:41
Turgutlu 22:15 Tamarisk 21:05
ahmetli 22:35 Çavuşcugil 21:17
Salihli 22:51 the Argıth 21:33
Kavaklıdere 23:09 Aksehir 22:00
alaşehir 23:26 Sultandağı 22:22
hosts 23:48 Çay / Tea 22:44
Esme 00:40 who Büyükçob 23:07
SERVANT 01:53 AFYON (A. Çetinkaya) 23:31
Seat 02:49 Yıldırımkemal 00:25
Dumlupýnar 03:10 Dumlupýnar 00:41
Yıldırımkemal 03:25 Seat 00:56
AFYON (A. Çetinkaya) 04:24 SERVANT 01:54
who Büyükçob 04:45 Esme 03:02
Çay / Tea 05:08 Güneyköy 03:17
Sultandağı 05:30 alaşehir 04:09
Aksehir 05:54 Kavaklıdere 04:23
the Argıth 06:21 Salihli 04:41
Çavuşcugil 06:35 ahmetli 04:56
Tamarisk 06:47 Turgutlu 04:56
the Kadınh 07:12 MANÝSA 05:48
Sarayönü 07:35 Muradiye 05:59
Square 07:53 Menemen 06:27
Pinarbasi 08:13 Çiğli 06:44
Horozluhan 08:28 IZMIR (Basmane) 07:12
KONYA 08:37 From 19.5.2019

TCDD has also set up regional trains to increase rail transport between nearby cities. Within this scope, a new regional train was launched to İzmir-Uşak line. In addition, one more domestic production veril Anatolia, diesel-powered unit (DMU) was introduced to the Basmane-Denizli line, and the number of voyages was 6 to 6. Again, the number of voyages of regional trains operating in Denizli-Söke, Nazilli-Söke, Denizli-Nazilli trails was increased.

TCDD also took a series of measures to meet the demand for the passengers. Wagon additions were made to the organizations of İzmir Mavi, Karesi Express, Central Anatolia, Çukurova and 4 September Blue, East and South / Vangölü Expresses. Also during the festival, a regional train was arranged to Kütahya-Balıkesir route.

Izmir Konya Blue Train Times
Izmir Konya Blue Train Times

In addition, due to the renewal of the Marşandiz Bridge, High Speed ​​Trains (YHT) departing from Xinjiang and the Karesi Express depart from Ankara Gar, while the İzmir Blue Train, which runs from Eskişehir to Ankara, will start to operate on the Izmir-Ankara line.


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