Rail Bus Collides With Tractor In Karaman: 1 Dead

In Karaman, the driver of the tractor, whose accelerated rail bus collided in an uncontrolled level crossing, lost his life.
Konya-Karaman expedition Dursun S. (36) made 62412 accelerated rail bus number Karaman entry in the uncontrolled level crossing in Şeyhşamil neighborhood Arif Çabuk'un (52) 70 EC 712 plate collided with the tractor. While the rail bus 150 was able to stop at the end of the impact, the front wheels of the tractor were dragged along with the rail bus. In the accident, the tractor driver died at the scene. After the investigations, the tractor driver Çabuk's funeral Karaman State Hospital morgue has been removed. Some citizens who saw the accident, although the singer stole the siren for a long time claimed that the tractor did not hear the siren.
An investigation into the accident has begun.

Source : http://www.haber01.com



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