Karabük Main Dormitory Rebuilding with Iron Nets

Karabuk University Rector Prof. Dr. Burhanettin Uysal, the rail system in the world that develops new models, whereas Turkey, said the land train to get rid of that new start. Reminding that the anthems related to the railways were written, Uysal stated that the rails were purchased from abroad before, and that they were never studied academically.
Uysal said, “We are happy that Karabük University is preferred, and Karabük city is preferred. Because the right decision has been made. Turkey's only factory producing only high-speed train rail-speaking university in the city of Karabük and also Karabük University concerning rail system. We open here a section of the application made at the place of production and Turkey had really needed it. We are a nation that laid a railway from Istanbul to Hejaz in 1908. We wrote anthems about railways.
But we brought them from abroad, assembled or made them here. We have never studied this academically in the past time. The world has developed a new model and switched to high speed train. We are just getting rid of the black train. Karabük University as consisting of a memory in Turkey, to produce a science that can compete with the world, we opened the Rail Systems Engineering. Our Rail Systems Engineering is also a sub-branch of Mechanical Engineering. Our student who graduated from Rail Systems Engineering gains the rights and authority of Mechanical Engineering. While graduating from a single department, he comes to a position with a double diploma. When we look at the internet environment, we see that Karabük University is clicked too much in the preferences. Almost the phones of our university were locked before the choice. This shows that both our Railway Systems Engineering and other departments attract the attention of other students and nearly 200 thousand students clicked on Karabük University on the website alone. Our students who choose us will also see that they made the right decision ”.

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