About Kadiköy Kartal Metro

about the kadikoy eagle subway 3
about the kadikoy eagle subway 3

Its construction started in 2008 and KadıköyThe length of the metro that will serve between Kartal and Kartal is approximately 22,7 km and has 16 passenger stations. On the line, there is Maltepe and Nursing Home Stations and Maltepe Warehouse Area and Maintenance Workshop located on the shore side of the outline. The entire line is one hundred percent underground, including Maltepe Warehouse Area and Maintenance Workshop.
With the increase in exploration, tunnels up to Kaynarca were opened with TBM, and construction and electromechanical works along with the Kartal-Kaynarca tender will reach 26,5 km and the number of stations will reach 19.

Transfer Stations:

  • Kadıköy Station - City Lines and IDO Line
  • Kadıköy Station - Moda Nostalgic Tram Line
  • Ayrılık Çeşme - Marmaray Line
  • Ünalan Station - Metrobüs Line

Passenger Stations:
Kadıköy, Ayrılıkçeşme, Acıbadem, Ünalan, Göztepe, Yenisahra, Kozyatağı, Bostancı, Küçükyalı, Maltepe, Nursing Home, Gülsuyu, Esenkent, Hospital / Courthouse, Soğanlık, Kartal

Kadıköy-Kartal Break 1st Stage Construction Works

  • The contractor: Yapı Merkezi-Doğuş-Yüksel-Yenigün-Belen Construction Joint Venture
  • Scope of 1. Kadıköy9 km section between Kozyatagi.
  • Tender Price: 139.574.679,63 $ + VAT
  • 2. Discovery Cost: 181.447.083,52 $ + VAT
  • Tender Date: 30.12.2004
  • Date of contract: 28.01.2005
  • Date of start: 11.02.2005

The work could not be completed and re-tender.

Kadıköy-Kartal Subway Supply Construction and Electro-Mechanical Systems Supply, Installation and Commissioning Works

  • The contractor: Astaldi N Makyol Uzun Gulermak Joint Venture Route Length: 21.663 m
  • Total Single Line Tunnel Size: 43.326m
  • Number of Passenger Stations: 16
  • Stations (respectively): Kadıköy, Ayrılıkçeşme, Acıbadem, Ünalan, Göztepe, Yenisahra, Kozyatağı, Bostancı, Küçükyalı, Maltepe, Nursing Home, Gülsuyu, Esenkent, Hospital / Courthouse, Soğanlık, Kartal
  • Tender Price: 751.256.042,50 € + VAT
  • Tender Date: 14.01.2008
  • Date of contract: 06.03.2008
  • Date of start: 21.03.2008
  • Completion of tunnels: October 2011
  • Turn on all the signal system: March 2012
  • Starting the trial: 8.May 2012


  • Manufacturer: CAF (Spain)
  • Train Type: 4 vehicle (3 part motor, 1 carrier)
  • Traction Motors: 4 pole AC motors
  • Train Length: 89,71 m
  • Vehicle Height: 3,5 m
  • Vehicle Width: 3 m
  • Power Supply: 1500 V DC (Catenary)
  • DC Supply (Battery): 110 V DC
  • Number of Vehicles: 144 (120 + 24) (20 with additional 24 discovery)
  • Tender Date: 14.07.2009
  • Contract Date: 09.09.2009
  • Start Date: 28.09.2009
  • Price: 138.739.027 € / 120 Vehicle (1,156,000 Euro / Vehicle)
  • Date of arrival of the first series: 11.01.2011
  • The date of the first vehicle on the rail: 27.01.2011
  • First train type test date: 11-16.04.2011
  • Number of train descending train: 17.tren
  • 20 06.04.2012 6 with additional XNUMX train
  • Delivery date of the last train (36.): 31.08.2012

Drivers via the TCMS (Train Control and Monitoring System) interface at each 2 end of the trains; In the first part of the train, it is possible to monitor all sub-systems such as doors, drive system, brake system, tension force, driving mode, speed information.
Thus, drivers can easily diagnose all abnormalities in the system, all events and all failures under operation.
With the TCMS smart tracking system, it is possible to determine a possible serious problem in advance and to take the train out of service as soon as possible and to prevent the suffering of the traveling passenger.

Business Information:

  • Line Length: 22,7 Km
  • Total Number of Stations: 16
  • Number of stations to be opened to passengers in the first phase: 15 (Ayrılıkçeşme Station will be opened in October 2013 with Marmaray)
  • Number of Cars: 144 (36 train with 4 units)
  • Duration: 29 min
  • Full tour duration: 64 minutes.
  • Maximum Operating Speed: 80km / h
  • Operating Hours: 06:00 & 24:00
  • Daily Passenger carrying capacity: 70.000 Passenger / hour (design capacity)
  • Minimum Trip Frequency: 90 sec (theoretical) 120 sec (practical)
  • Expedition Time: Peak time, 4 min (time interval to start)
  • Command Center: At Esenkent Station
  • Line Voltage: 1500 V DC
  • Driving Mode: ATO

Command Center: The main control center (OCC) at Esenkent Station includes Traffic and Warehouse, SCADA and ECS, Communication, and Supervisor sessions.
Operating 7 / 24: The Control Center is in service 01/00 mainly for operation during the day, to assist maintenance personnel between 05:00 and 7:24 at night and to make plans and preparations for the next day.
Business Modes: Driverless, Automatic and Manual
Access Information

  • Total 52 Input
  • 264 Pieces Escalator
  • 70 Piece Elevator
  • 315 Turnstile (29 Disabled)

Station Structures:

The platform lengths are made as 180 m in the stations and are prepared in accordance with 8 trains. Bostanci Station has a third middle platform to allow for alternative services and to provide a backup train. The 4 train length is approximately 90 mt and trains run by centering the platform with 4 trains.
Station Structure: In all of the stations, a separate platform was used.
Max. Depth: 40 mt. (Bostancı and Retirement Home Stations)
Min. Depth: 28 mt. (Ayrılıkçeşme and Hospital - Courthouse Stations)
Mobile Lines : Waiting areas for trains can be created at a total of 3 points on the main line, including 1 Pocket lines, 4 middle platform (Bostancı).

Tunnel Structures

Tunnel Method: Kadıköy - Between Kozyatağı and Kartal - Kaynarca TBM   Kozyatagi to Kartal NATM
Rail Type: 54 kg / m UIC 54 (54E1) WITH CROSS
Rail Clearance: 1435 mm
Max. Slope: % 4 (outline)
Number of Scissors: 42 Outline, 12 Warehouse and Workshop, 3 pieces Cruiser
Scissor Type: R: 300 m 1 / 9 type (Main line), R: 100 m 1 / 6 type (Workshop and Warehouse)

Maltepe Warehouse and Maintenance Workshop:

Storage Capacity: 52 car (13 train)
Workshop Capacity: 16 vehicles in total including 16 vehicles (Periodic Maintenance Area), 32 vehicles (Heavy Maintenance Area)
Workshop Equipment: Wheel lathe, drop table, automatic vehicle washing unit, paint shop and bogie washing room, bogi workshop, pneumatic maintenance workshop, electrical workshop, coupling-pantograph maintenance workshop, overhead crane, jib cranes, hydraulic press, bogie manipulator especially various.

Other informations:

Kadıköy - Smoke and passenger evacuation scenarios have been prepared for all possible negative situations that may occur in Kartal Metro and tested by making simulations about these scenarios. With a total of 831 cameras at the stations, the system is constantly monitored and controlled.
The signaling of the line and the storage area has a continuous communication-based Motion Block system. The signaling system is Thales CBTC system and the trains are able to operate without driver. Since trains are equipped with a mechanic's cab, and there is no operating mode without a driver, there are no trains on the trains. However, in cases where the passenger is not present (empty train is sent to the parking zone or warehouse area or from the warehouse and parking area to any part of the main line), it is possible to use completely without driver.
All the equipment used in the subway are selected from materials that are highly resistant to heat and do not emit toxic gases. There is a reliable smoke control and evacuation system, which is fully compliant with NFPA standards, which is fully proven to be safe for people to evacuate in case of fire.
Kadıköy - In Kartal Metro, the energy supply of the entire system is made from 3 different points. OG ring is a 34,5 kV system. If all three feed points are disabled, the generators at 2 different ends can be activated and all the trains in the tunnel can be delivered to the nearest station one by one and evacuate the passengers. While the generators are in operation, the supply of essential loads at the station continues. Essential loads must be disabled for this. In case the energy supply is cut and generators fail and fail, the lighting system and electronic control systems can be fed for 3 hours via uninterrupted power supplies.

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