Kadıköy - Under the eagle subway wagons?

CHP Deputy Chairman Günaydın stated that while 141 million lira was spent for the construction of the state-sponsored metro in Istanbul, the state in Izmir cut its support for the metro. Günaydın said that Izmir had to build the metro for only 56 million TL.
Gökhan Günaydın, Deputy Chairman of CHP, made a statement about the cost of subways built in three major cities. Günaydın, in a statement regarding the discussions that started with the announcement of the Istanbul Metro, which was opened with the participation of Prime Minister Erdogan last week, said that the city with the highest metro construction cost is Istanbul. CHP Deputy Chairperson in charge of local governments Gökhan Günaydın said, “On 17 August 2012, the opening ceremony was held in Istanbul with expensive advertisements of newspapers and TVs. Kadıköy - Kartal Metro has brought a debate on metro costs to the public agenda, ”he said.
Saying, "In this context, it is deemed necessary and useful to share some important information about the metro construction processes and costs of the three big cities with the public," Günaydın pointed out to the metro construction processes of the three major cities, and that Istanbul and Ankara received support from the Ministry of Transport, but CHP's Izmir He noted that the Municipality has implemented the most affordable metro plans with its own resources.
CHP Deputy Chairperson Gökhan Günaydın made the following statements in his statement: “The cost of metro in Ankara is 90 million TL excluding wagon, 141 million TL including wagon in Istanbul, 56 million TL including wagon in İzmir. While the Ministry of Transport undertakes the construction of 4 metro lines in Istanbul and 3 in Ankara, no contribution is made to any metro line in Izmir. Thus, while Ankara and Istanbul with enormous budgets are supported by the budget, Izmir and Izmir residents are deprived of support and almost punished. On the other hand, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has been tried with 400 years of voluntary forced indictments, provides metro service to its countrymen by using its own budget correctly and continues the construction of new lines.

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