Kadıköy-The Eagle line will carry 1-1,5 million passengers a day

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş, who will start the trips during the Ramadan Kadıköy- He gave the following information about the Kartal Metro: '22 kilometers long KadıköyThe eagle line will carry 1-1,5 million passengers a day. A passenger getting on the metro in Kartal, 29 minutes later Kadıköywill reach. When Marmaray is completed by the end of 2013, the passenger coming from Kartal will be able to reach Yenikapı, from there to Taksim and from there to the airport. In 2016, transportation networks in Istanbul will be completed to a great extent. The transportation problem will be solved to a great extent. In 2004, the number of passengers using the rail system was around 400 thousand. Currently, 1 million 370 thousand people use rail systems. In 2014, this figure will increase to 4 million 950 thousand people. In 2016, 7 million people will use these systems. The city will be metropolitan. '
Explaining that they also created a new control system to solve problems in transportation, Topbaş stated that they are about to activate a smart system that will detect the congestion and direct the traffic. Topbaş said, 'This center will control only metrobuses. The system will see the stops, passengers, crowds. He will control the radio conversations between the drivers.
Drawing attention to the fact that Istanbul is like a country on its own, Topbaş said, “Istanbul is bigger than 23 countries in Europe. In my childhood, the population of Istanbul was 800 thousand. Now there are 23 million activities a day… This will exceed 40 million. We have invested 10 billion lira in Istanbul so far. With the participation of our Prime Minister on August 17 Kadıköy We will open the eagle line. This metro will be the largest in the history of the republic. It is the biggest investment. It cost 3 billion liras, 3 quadrillion liras with the old money. "We are the municipality that makes the biggest investment in the metro among the municipalities in the world."

Source: Internet Havadis

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