Izmir's Teleferic Project Confused

In Balçova Teleferik, which is one of the most favorite recreation facilities of İzmir and has been closed for a long time, while the contractor company has two years of legal operation period, it reacts to the evacuation decision; Izmir Metropolitan Teams, along with municipal police teams and gendarmes launched the evacuation. The contractor is preparing to file a compensation claim for Grand Plaza, a sub-tenant.

In a period of great interest to the people of Izmir and the location of one of the city's pupils Balçova Teleferik'de are experiencing the shock of release. Café Tourism Company, which takes the operating right of the cable car from Grand Plaza Turizm A.Ş. as a 'lower tenant', stating that it has been using it for three years, for only five years, goes to court to take its rights from the remaining two years. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has previously transferred to the Grand Plaza to the sub-contractor transferred to the sub-contractor Balçova said that after the latest developments in the cable car will search for the end of the Café Tourism Trade Company General Manager Yilmaz Eroglu, said they were victims.

After making the necessary evaluations with his own firm lawyers in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality expressing their opinions to open Eroglu, since the municipality, 2009 themselves used as the guard said. Eroğlu emphasized that the personnel and operating expenses per month of 4 thousand TL continue to be regularly met; they are also very surprised that the municipal teams are working so hard to evacuate.

Eroğlu underlined that they were faced with an unfair situation and stated that they would apply all legal ways to remedy the situation. Düzeltil We are the victim and we want to eliminate this victimization. We've been here for years. 'Empty' to say go to 'easy then you will keep your own guard. We don't have any income because this place is closed. Grand Plaza is looking to save himself. My job is with Grand Plaza. We're going to file an indemnity for them. We have prepared all the information and documents here. Our lawyer will decide whether to open the Metropolitan Municipality or not Büyük.

Eroğlu reminded that after the report prepared by the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers in 2009, the ropeway was closed, kapatıl We rented this place for 2005 year in 5. We have operated around 3 for years. Then 2009 in the report prepared by the chamber of engineers in the report on the problem of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, decided to close here. In this process, the municipality sent us a letter saying that it would make us a new facility. We have to close here, Mec he said.

What happened after the developments in the tender for the new facility, but the results could not be reached record Eroğlu, said: "Both the Public Procurement Authority (GCC) and the metropolitan municipality bureaucrats due to missing things could not be finalized the tender of the ropeway," he said.

Açık Despite the fact that 5 has an annual contract with the Grand Plaza, they cannot get any operating income for two years. Who gets a loan for two and a half, three years and spend hundreds of thousands of liras? When the contract between Grand Plaza and metropolitan is finished, our contract has been automatically canceled because we are a downstream user. Deal first, then try to evacuate the tenant before it expires. It is not possible to understand this. Bunu


To protect the facility day and night, waiting for two guards who gave the Eroglu, only for staff and other expenses per month and spend $ 4 thousand TL 240 thousand TL so far said they had to pay. Citizens in the house carboy at the 4 TL the water in the cable car when it goes out to the XARx recording that records Eroglu, the words continued as follows: Tel So in a sense, we have done here on behalf of the municipality. I think our guarding is over, they've worked with 10-30 crews to evacuate this place. They cut the water, so what happens if the fire comes out. It was supposedly broken in the pipes. What's happening is truly amazing. Yaş


Eroğlu has announced that they had cost 200 thousand TL fixtures and renovations for the company so far. Eroğlu also stated that they were left alone with the loans they have withdrawn from the bank. Paint, whitewash, bottom and upper structure we have prepared here in any way. Every year we have a cost of approximately 30 thousand TL. We saw that we have two years left, let's go to depreciation more investment, but at that time was closed. So from wherever you look, 50 is worth a thousand TL for money and we've only spent money for such jobs. We invested and guarded. Now, every place has not been operated, has become a rash. Şimdi

Eroğlu said that a similar situation was valid for İzmir Mansion, which is opposite to İzmir University of Economics, but there was no such problem. Benzer There is also a working place. They also sued the administrative court. We were hungry. The district governor of Balcova said 'there may be damages without compensation, let's wait for the court's decision' and let this run. If the sub-governor gave him this right, he was supposed to give it to me. But not given. Maybe I'm going to be right at the court. Who knows that? Kim

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