Freaking fright in Izmir Metro!

The surface cracks in the University of Ege University, which is about 200 meters from the metro station, created fear. Bornova, Ege University in the remaining section between stops, 40 centimeters high and that you need to take into account the asphalt cracked in about 20 meters in length Turkey Engineers and Architects Association (Chamber) of Civil Engineers Chamber Izmir Branch Chairman Ayhan Retirement, said they could not support any kind of trial-related .
One of the most important urban transportation vehicles in Izmir and carrying more than one thousand passengers daily 150 İzmir Metro, cracks in the asphalt on the tunnel route in the Aegean University has created fear.
Approximately 90, which is one of the two stops in the 200 million TL investment, was about 40 meters and 20 meters long.
that it should be examined carefully the asphalt in the area used as a parking lot of the University of crack Turkey Engineers and Architects Association (Chamber) of Civil Engineers Chamber Izmir Branch Chairman Ayhan Retirement, "This needs to be investigated necessarily asphalt cracks. Crumbs and cracks may be caused by everything. There are significant breaks here. The source of this should be determined. Because there may be fractures that do not affect the manufacturing of the subway at the bottom. Çünkü
Failing to be sufficiently tightened on the fill of the cracks on the metro line expressing that the pension, ın because the ground sits in time. But this may also be a downward impact. This is dangerous, Bu he said. Underlining that the subway flights will affect it, he said, adding that metro the metro is currently operating. If this 'seating' was on the subway, the flights had to stop. Because the metron for the movement of the millimetric calculations are made. There are relevant tolerances. Therefore, the above seating would have an immediate effect, Dolayısıyla he said.
Emphasizing that the reasons for this should be correctly identified even in the upper floor, Emekli said, m We need to produce permanent solutions for the solution of the problem. Of course, this will be the result of research. If, as a result of the research, it is determined that the top filling is not done well, then the filler is rebuilt accordingly. If necessary, the fill amount is re-filled until fill. Or the full fill is refreshed. We need to take care of the event and taking it seriously, Olay he said.
Noting that the relevant institutions should examine the issue, Retired said: kayd The İzmir Metro itself can do such research. But I don't think they have adequate structures on the subject. Because there is a fully operational operating system. Here they can get help from the university or from us. There are also institutions that can do ground research. But I think that the university should be in this business. Fakat
Retired in the subway last year, reminding that a dentist, sonra Üçyol'den after the construction of some problems in the construction heard. There is also the effect of the groundwater we know. This water needs to be prevented. We've heard about this. This is one of the reasons for the elongation of the metro, ler he said. Explaining that one of the reasons for the problem in the vicinity of the Polygon Stop water movement behavior, explaining the retirement, neden Here was the former polygon stream. With the formation of this creek disappeared. But we always think, 'water always looks for the old bed'. So the water that moves from the top to the bottom, goes to search for its own path, no matter how much you build. Water problem affects the work of the metro, the metro does not end in a way, m he said.
Retiree underlined that there are investments of many public institutions and organizations in İzmir, but some institutions said that they did not make enough use of their professional chambers. Retired, said: ğ When we demand information, they are not willing to act. Let's not say we do not receive information, but this information is 'limited'. We want to contribute to such investments, projects and planning. Thus, he sources of funds and Izmir to make useful investments.

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