Increase in public transport in Istanbul

Public transportation prices have been determined again in Istanbul. While some lines have increased up to 50 percent, prices have not changed on some lines, while the hike rate has changed between 7-10 percent in others.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) meeting was decided to raise public transport.
According to this, the first boarding fee of 1.75 lira was increased to 1.95 liras in IETT buses and Private Public Buses. 1 pounds 1.10 pounds for students, while for teachers and the elderly 1.20 pounds 1.35 pounds were removed.
Metrobus lines that were previously pounds 1.45 1-3 1.60 stop journeys between pounds. On the same route, the student 0.85 pounds 0.95 pounds, the teachers and the elderly 1 pounds 1.15 pounded.
4-9 stop 2.10 liraya 2.40 liraya, 10-15 stop 2.10 liradan 2.50 liraya, 16-21 stop 2.60 liraya, 22-27 stop 2.70 lire, 28-33 stop 2.80 liraya, 34 39 stop 2.90 stop 40 2.95 stop liraya, XNUMX + stop XNUMX pounded.
İDO Sirkeci-Harem car ferry, city lines ferries and special marine engines with electronic ticket transfers from the first transfer 1.20 pounds 1.40 pound 1.20 pound 1.30 pound 1.20 pounds were increased. 3,4 XNUMX and the fifth transfer fees still not changed.
140 pounds 155 pounds 70 pounds 75 pounds 80 pounds 90 pounds XNUMX pounds, for the teacher and the elderly XNUMX pounds XNUMX pounds were removed.
The highest hike came to the coin prices of 2 lira in city lines, private marine engines and rail systems. The coin price increased by 50 percent to 3 liras. The price, which was 3.5 lira between Kartal and Adalar, did not change.
The first boarding of 3 TL on the Islands City Lines and Special Marine Engines has been extended to 3.5 liras. The transfer was determined as 2.5 lira. Coin price 4 pounds 5 pounded.
UKOME also adjusted the prices on the IDO waterbus schedule. Accordingly, Bostancı-Kabataş and the fee on Bostancı-Bakırköy line increased from 4.75 lira to 5.20 lira. On the same line, the coin went from 7 lira to 7.5 lira.
KabataşIslands have been raised from 6.5 to 7.10 liras and Bostancı-Adalar from 3.90 liras to 4.25 liras.
Sirkeci-Harem car ferry charges for cars 6.50 pound 7 pounds in the normal hours. The fee for 8.5 lira during the peak hours did not change.

Source: Hürriyet

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