Metro Traffic to Istanbul Traffic

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan laid the foundation in 2005, the largest metro investment in the history of the republic, the 22-kilometer Kadıköy- It opened the Eagle Metro yesterday. He heralded that the metro is free on holidays. Kadıköy Speaking at the ceremony held yesterday in the Square, Erdogan stated that 3,1 million 1 thousand people will use the line, which was implemented with a financing of 266 billion lira, per day. Line Ünalan Station in metrobüsl, while in Ayrılıkçeşme that Erdogan would be integrated with Marmaray Station, said both Turkey and Istanbul would provide a major contribution to the economy. Erdogan continued as follows: “We will achieve a time saving corresponding to 15 days per person per year through this line. We will make great savings from fuel oil, maintenance costs, road maintenance and repair costs. According to the calculations we have made, with this line, we will save our Istanbul brothers and sisters an annual saving of 1 billion 153 million. If this line was not built, Kadıköy Between Kartal, 32 buses and 67 minibuses had to be put into operation every year. Now, on the contrary, we expect 572 buses and 1.227 minibuses to be withdrawn from traffic in the first year, which will lead to tremendous relief in traffic.

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